You are probably reading this post because you already know, Drupal is one of the robust Content Management System available now along-side WordPress and you would want to administer Drupal website from iPhone or iPad on-the-go.

Logging in to Drupal for managing a website is really no FUN when you’re a webmaster for multiple such websites. So, I would always prefer an app from where I could manage my Drupal websites on-the-go and Drupad app does exactly the same.

Drupad for iPhone and iPad is an excellent, fastest yet the most easiest way to do some garage work on websites or even blogs based in Drupal. The full list of features of this app definitely justifies the price. You wouldn’t mind spending $5 for this awesome webmaster app. Check the demo video below to get clearer idea about it.

What is Drupad?

Drupad is a combination of a Drupal module and an iPhone App through which you can manage website from iOS device with ease. It offers variety of features for both Webmasters and Administrators. It works for Drupal 6.x and Drupal 7.x

Drupad Features

  • Add and manage multiple websites. No limitations.
  • Pass-code protect Drupad app on your device for any accidental changes.
  • Create, edit and manage content with CCK support.
  • Find, edit user information and roles. Ability to send emails to users.
  • Moderate comments
  • Manage published content
  • Built-in browser so that you can browse edited website from within the app.
  • Drag-down to refresh content
  • Check updates for Drupal core, installed modules and themes
  • Run Cron, view logs and status report
  • Flush website cache when needed
  • Backup Drupal database with support for popular module Backup & Migrate


Administer Your Drupal Website from iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

System Requirements

Drupad is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with iOS 4 or higher.

To make this work for websites, you MUST download and install this free Drupad module and enable it under Administer > Modules

Administer Your Drupal Website from iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Administer Your Drupal Website from iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Download Link

Drupad for iOS is available for $4.99 and this price is nothing compared to the comfort of managing Drupal website with ease. I have seen few Drupal apps and fell in LOVE with this one. See the demo below before you decide.

Drupad Demo Video

I am loving this app and the ability to run crons, backing up my database and adding content to my Drupal powered blog was never so much fun before. The app and its module is under continuous development & offers quick fixes in case of any issues. You follow Drupad developer on Twitter @drupadapp


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