Lytro: Shoot First, Focus Later Camera! Revolutionary change in the way we take pictures

I’m so excited after reading about it and watching it in action that I couldn’t find any other words to start this post. It is very interesting and would change the way we experience taking and viewing pictures forever! It is a picture revolution, it is like a magic.

It will change photography that we know, forever. It turns light into living pictures. It will make (even latest) conventional cameras look the old generation. It will change everything, again. I am not over-doing this but you must see it to belive it.

What is Lytro Camera?

Lytro is going to introduce new camera this year in to the consumer market using light field technology.  These new revolutionary light field cameras would capture the entire light field, allowing us to greater opportunities to work with that picture, focus it later the way we want. Even, we can make it a 3D picture viewable with 3D glasses or 3D screens.

In a simpler term: Assume, its like creating a 3D scene on a computer through a software with multiple viewports and lighting etc. Everything would be in focus all the time until we define depth of field.

Lytro Features

Shoot now, focus later: We will no longer get delayed by having to focus our camera or be disappointed when a picture turns out irreparably out-of-focus. Lytro pictures can be flawlessly focused to our liking – even after days, months or years.

Super speed: Since the camera doesn’t focus before a photo is taken, we will no longer miss any important moment due to a shutter lag required for auto-focusing.

Living pictures; Lytro creates pictures that both the photographer and viewer can interact with when shared online on blogs, photo sharing sites, their favorite social media networks, etc. We can focus the foreground, background or anything or everything of the image simply by clicking on the area of detail. No software download is required.

Low-light sensitivity: It uses all the available light in a scene hence light field cameras can capture better pictures in low light environment without a need to use a flash.

Immersive 3D: Because it uses the full light field, Lytro cameras will allow us to easily switch between 2D and 3D views or even shift the perspective of the scene.

Lytro: Shoot First, Focus Later Camera! Revolutionary change in the way we take pictures

Lytro Sample Image

Lytro explained in this video

More information and photo gallery

If all above seems interesting to a photographer in you then read more about the science behind it, see pictures gallery & 3D video on YouTube to explore more which will you a fair understanding of what it is like.

This is really awesome and I can’t wait to see it in real. I will update you gain once Lytro camera’s are launched in the market. Looks like, I won’t need to spend hours in photography class & might need to spend more on the camera. 🙂

Meanwhile, you can visit Lytro website. Do share your views through comments below.

Say cheese 🙂


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