Major Features To Expect In Smartphones Of Coming Times

As the name states, smartphones have smarter abilities in comparison to mobile phones, offering additional and now necessary specs like multimedia entertainment, web browsing, gaming and more- it is like using a mini computer which is small enough to fit in your pocket. Smartphones today come with extended abilities than just offering two-way communication. They are decked with high-quality camera lenses, amazing mobile apps with great productivity, video and audio streaming as well as different types of connectivity which allow millions to be connected even while they’re on the go.

So, what more will mankind get to see in the development of smartphones in the coming future, say the next ten years? It is quite unpredictable to state the tech evolutions in the coming years. You need to wait for the anticipation, but here are some wild guesses that smartphone is heading towards. Take a look at some of the future features of smartphones:

Augmented reality

AR or Augmented Reality when used in computers is all about what perceives through human sense advanced with the application of computer produced sensory like videos, graphics, GPS, and sound. AR helps you get more info for users by teaming the computer data with the things you see in real life. All you need to do is just use your phone camera, you just have to point it live to get info on where the nearest restaurants or cafes are.

Augmented reality

Flexible screens

Soon smartphones will be folded and unfolded, and the credit goes to Organic Light-emitting Diode technique. The screen as thin as a paper is the future project of smartphones! You can show videos and images to your friend from one side by controlling it from the other side. Soon companies will also release wearable smartphones for people.

Flexible screens

Inbuilt projector

Flexible screens were compensating the small screen size but the integration of projector within, the task seems to be complete. Well, the future smartphones can actually turn into an interactive gaming control and you truly do not need a screen for it then, just a flat surface is sufficing.

Seamless Voice control

Siri has paid a great attention to voice control. Researches are being done to enhance the development of voice control. Siri did make a breakthrough in voice recognition and control. And, with time, people will see that voice control will go to a higher level.

Holograms and 3D screens

Smartphones have just topped the screen resolution size with Retina Display and 4K. It provides sharper images than human eyes can actually perceive. And with time, soon you will see 3D phone features and holograms in your smartphones.

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