New Design for Facebook News Feed is coming on March 7

Facebook recently sent out invitations to selective members in press for another event the company is hosting and it’s called “Come see a new look for News Feed” . This, as the name suggests – is to introduce new layout design for Facebook’s News Feed.

The event will take place on March 7, 2013 at 10am PST (which is 1pm EST and 11.30pm IST) at Facebook Headquarters in San Francisco Bay Area of California.

Below is a press invitation that Business Insider got hold of.

Facebook new design for news feed coming up.

The new design for News Feed is known to have Flipboard or Google+ for mobile like interface and could be more targeted towards the mobile devices. The new layout will have distinct separators between the posts and their sub-layout will have different look & feel depending upon the story types such as News, Photos, Link or videos.

Facebook is eyeing for such drastic changes in the news feed expecting to be able to sneak-in more ads & strive for more revenue.

However, the new layout also needs to appeal to its users as well as advertisers and that seems like a tough task for Facebook – unless they manage to woo users by some media gimmicks. Many people would not prefer to have a layout, where the entire screen is occupied by at the most one story.

Recently, Facebook also bought an advertising tool from Microsoft called ‘Atlas’ for the unknown price and news about the News Feed surely confirms more ads on the news feed.

The exact details about this new look will only arrive on Thursday unless Facebook decides to make some wave by leaking the pictures online (a new marketing gimmick that is.)

Are you ready for yet another change in the news feed?


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