Windows XP has been the most-used & most-stable operating system all these years from Microsoft. Despite that Windows 7 is also very stable, most users in India (and outside) still stuck on using the old Windows XP only because of the cost factor involved in upgrades. Even I am using Windows XP on one of the desktop just because the user is more comfortable using it.

Microsoft already announced ‘End of life for Windows XP’ from April 8, 2014 – which means, the company will no longer support Windows XP & the only option for those users is to upgrade to the next supported operating system.

Not just that, upgrading to Windows 8, a new cloud compatible operating system from Microsoft changes everything once again with major changes in its UI & newly built kernel. These things make upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 8 a very tough task; not just the full clean installation but also need plenty oF train along with higher costs of the upgrade. This may not be any good for SMBs & SMEs to spend so much money & time on these upgrades, which directly offers no great value to their businesses. So, what should they do? I would suggest if it’s at all practical, start moving on to the open source & reduce dependency on expensive solutions.


Propalms Network, located in India & UK, is a provider of application delivery & secured remote access solutions to help organizations of any size for improving efficiency in their business processes. They make corporate applications, data & the network available anytime & from any device.

Propalms’ Director & CTO Vijendar Yadav, on their “Windows XP Migration Campaign” tells us more that, Windows XP is still widely used in Indian enterprises as well as in SMB segment even throughout the Tier-I & Tier-II cities. The use of Windows XP in these enterprises is at the bottom of the employee hierarchy, also spread over unmanaged remote locations. The cost for upgradation is higher & offers no direct value to the most businesses, compared to the amount of money & training time required. Their company is on a mission with their latest ‘Windows XP Migration Campaign’, which will offer such business environments, a workable solution through open source platforms & their embedded thin client.

The company offer variety of products & solutions as follows:

  • Application Delivery
  • Remote Access
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • ERP Access
  • Tablet Access
  • Secure Trading
  • Propalms TSE
  • Propalms VDI
  • Propalms VPN
  • Propalms Onegate
  • EZ Identity

If you are part of SME or SMB looking forward for any such cost-effective opportunity to migrate your Windows XP to open source end points, you can head over to their website for more information.


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