Samsung introduces Galaxy smartphone lineup with new naming strategy

What is in the name? Well, there are many dimensions added in the name, proves Samsung Electronics HQ.

Samsung came up with Galaxy smartphones and indeed they created a huge market for themselves using the name. In ongoing endeavor to rule the market even more, they surely wanted more strategical naming system to avoid confusion among consumers due to every new smart phone added in their expanding portfolio.

All these new phones come with Android Gingerbread OS and expected to start in market from next week.

According to their latest press release

“As Samsung continues to innovate, our goal is to provide consumers with an experience uniquely tailored to their needs. We have introduced steps to ensure users can simply identify the device designed to deliver the perfect experience for them,” said JK Shin, President and Head of Samsung’s Mobile Communications Business.

In addition to this new naming strategy at IFA this year we unveilling the GALAXY W, GALAXY M Pro, GALAXY Y and GALAXY Y Pro – designed with the professional and social consumer in mind. These products further build on the phenomenal success we have enjoyed with the GALAXY range.”

According to the new naming structure, new class designators refer to the specific category that the smartphone product fits into, for example a premium device, or an entry-level device. All classes will be used within the higher branding of the ‘GALAXY’ smartphones.

Samsung introduces Galaxy smartphone lineup with new naming strategy

Samsung GALAXY Model Classifications & its meaning

Samsung Galaxy S

S = Super Smart: This would the premium class with smartphones like Galaxy S.

Samsung Galaxy R

R = Royal or Redefined: This would be a premium group after the S class which will have a combination of power, performance and productivity.

Samsung Galaxy W

W = Wonder: Combination of style and performance to create a balance.

Samsung Galaxy M

M = Magical: High performance models for people want decide on price hence would be economical for most.

Samsung Galaxy Y

Y = Young: Strategic models for emerging markets or focused on younger audience that is sensitive to a price.

Sub-Classifications & it’s meaning

Samsung Galaxy PRO

PRO: This indicates the device has a QWERTY keyboard for speedier email, text to improve productivity

Samsung Galaxy PLUS

PLUS: This means the device is an upgraded model from its existing model.

Samsung Galaxy LTE

LTE: LTE stands for Long-Term Evolution which basically stands for a 4G connectivity.


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