Infographics: The iPhone - Then and Now

Apple has gone a long way from year 2007 when the first iPhone was officially launched. During all these years they evolved their iPhone in many ways.

The latest of the models – iPhone 4 is selling in steady volumes if not great because every fan is expecting a new iPhone 5 in about a month. So if you’re looking to by an iPhone, this post and the info-graphics will help know about iPhone and its forthcoming version.

There are many rumors floating around about design and hardware of the iPhone 5. Read here.

Samsung recently announced their new smartphone lineup with new naming system and it’s definitely calling for a major competition against iPhone.

With just 4 models launched in the market till now, Apple became the largest smartphone manufacturer in the World when they announced last quarterly results. Apple shipped about 20.34 million iPhones, nearly 4 million more units than what analysts projected for them. Their stock touched 52 week high price at $404.50.

Though Apple is receiving great success for their mobile devices, there are few things Apple should change in their policies about iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Update: iPhone 5 was not announced instead Apple made an iPhone 4S. Read iPhone 5 as iPhone 4S 🙂

Infographics: The iPhone - Then and Now

This infographic made me remember those years when we were looking at an iPhone as a device from the other universe. I think, the launch of basic iPhone that we see above set an example of how a touch smartphone could be!

Which phone would you buy? iPhone 5 or pick one from new Samsung Galaxy series?

source: intomobile



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