Simple Steps To Be Followed To Remove VPN Easily From an iPhone

Did you know that VPN stands for Virtual private network? You can use a VPN to connect to a public network. Having a VPN on your phone can have some adverse effects on your iPhone. You should also note that not all VPNs are right for your iPhone. Some of the problems of VPN on iPhone are

  1. They can slow down your internet connection speed because a VPN encrypts all your online activity and it can take time.
  2. Your iPhone VPN connection can suddenly fall, which can cause some inconvenience while you are trying to connect to the internet, and so you have to keep on reconnecting.
  3. Configuration of the VPN can be complicated if you do not know how to go about it. And if it is not configured well, it can leak your IP address, which can make you vulnerable to online threats and hackers.

There are so many iOS apps online that claim to provide excellent VPN services for an iPhone user. But most of them are either not working or are expensive. Some reasons can make you want to remove a VPN, such as; it’s not working, it has expired, or you need a new one. Whatever the reason, you should be able to remove the VPN. Here are the two methods that you can use

Method one: Deleting from iPhone settings

Like any other phone setting, it is possible to remove VPN from iPhone settings. To delete VPN go to Settings then General then VPN. You can then select the current VPN profile and delete it from there.

Step 1: Open general settings

Step 2: Tap on VPN

Step3: Tap on VPN info icon you can find it on an existing VPN profile

Step 4: Then tap on delete. You can find the button at the bottom of your iPhone screen; if you don’t see it, you can scroll down. 

After tapping on delete you will be asked to confirm if you want to delete, you should tap on delete again. 

After that, you have managed to delete the VPN, and you can be able to access public internet easily.

Method 2

There are many VPN apps on the app store. These apps can let you set up a profile within the VPN app or VPN connection for your iPhone. Because of these, you can’t find the “Delete VPN” option on your phone from iPhone settings.

If you are facing this problem, you can delete VPN connections within the VPN on your iPhone. Or you can remove the VNP app from your iPhone. This method should delete all of your VPN data, including VPN profiles that are on the iPhone.

You can use these methods to remove VPN from iPhone, iPodiPad touch models. They can differ slightly in appearance, especially on iOS versions, such as iOS 6 and 7. But you can use these instructions to remove VPN from iPhones 4, 5, and iPhone 5s.