ESRA: Siri Alternative for older iPhone, iPod & iPad

After watching the recent iPhone 4S launch, everyone started talking to and about Siri. People using older devices like iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4g were eager to have Siri installed on their devices as well.

It was said that this feature is hardware dependant and cannot be used on devices other than iPhone 4S but @stroughtonsmith has successfully managed to port it on jailbroken iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4g with iOS 5 installed. He has not yet tried it on iPhone 3GS or iPod touch 3g.

He first had an overview of how Siri works on iPhone 4S and then used this one of the iOS 5 features to come on board on jailbroken iPhone 4. According to his interview to 9to5mac he described it as a long 20 step process which is possible in merely ten minutes.

Porting Siri to other devices would need files and validation token from iPhone 4S but transferring those core iOS files is not legally permitted because Apple owns them & wouldn’t allow such tampering.

Siri runs perfectly and seamlessly on iPhone 4 as it does on 4S but since the microphone on iPod touch is not as good – one should speak louder to get Siri working at par.

Video of Siri on iPod Touch 4g

Video of Siri running on iPhone 4

Can we really have it on our devices?

Well, I am sure jailbreak community can find a solution very soon. I will post an update again for installing Siri on older devices once its possible for everyone to have.

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