Style Guide for Android Developers is Here... Finally!

Android is the fastest growing mobile OS in the World and last two years are like a, dreams come true for this OS – with 400,000+ apps in its market and with over 10 billion downloads. Awesome, isn’t it?

Android is an open-source software and Google want it that way in future as well.

But, the Android Market has few problems –

  • It has large number of apps that are not very useful. We can call them – junk apps.
  • Almost all the applications vary in terms of user interface design and lacks unified system.

The reasons for such apps in comparison to iOS marketplace could be:

  • A low, one-time developer license fee of $25 (which for iOS is $99 per year)
  • Lack of style guide for developers

On a surface, these problems don’t seem very serious, but Google knows its importance and hence recently, they announced a unified mobile OS across all types of devices, which is Android Ice-Cream Sandwich 4.0 (ICS 4.0)

ICS 4.0 is designed to bring uniformity on all levels of a mobile OS, for different type of devices like smart-phones, tablets and TVs

And to make the most from its latest version, Google finally released a Style Guide for Android OS – which should help, advice and suggest developers on designing their apps more efficiently using iconography, patters, colors, typography, and writing styles.

Style Guide for Android Developers is Here... Finally!

You can see detailed information on Style Guide for Android Design

Matias Duarte, Google’s Director of Android user experience also said – Though, it is not mandatory for designers to strictly follow these instructions before submitting an app, but abiding by the set of guidance would definitely help them make best looking, enjoyable apps for greater user experience.

Style Guide for Android Developers is Here... Finally!

I think, it’s a great move by Google – towards making Android Market stand along iTunes App Store, on quality and uniformity overall.

Good, isn’t it?

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