The Security Software You Should Have On Your iPhone

Apple’s 2019 launch was surprising for a number of reasons. A series that people expected to be nothing more than a stopgap while the next one was produced actually has a lot to offer. There is quite a lot of innovation happening at Apple right now.

However, something that did not get nearly as much attention as it should have was the issue of privacy and security. They never tend to be a focus at these events. This is likely because, like most tech companies, Apple has sacrificed privacy and security for convenience and advancements. Your devices will work much better if they track you everywhere you go.

This will probably be the case until a catastrophic breach happens and we find out just how much we have compromised. Until then, this is the software that will protect your privacy.

Antivirus Software

Most iPhone users believe that they do not need antivirus software. But the truth is that you need the best antivirus for iPhone if you are to be truly secure. While Apple does a good job of keeping you safe from external threats, it is not their focus one hundred percent of the time. We’ve seen iOS updates accidentally compromising our security a number of times over the past few years.

In these cases, antivirus software will protect you from threats Apple did not anticipate. Good antivirus software is constantly evolving to deal with new viruses and malware. It does not rely on Apple’s closed system, but instead is always anticipating the worst that can happen.

There are many options for antivirus applications which can get a bit confusing for some, but you can try to compare the best antivirus applications here.


A virtual private network (VPN) should be active right now on whatever device you’re using. Without a VPN, you’re leaving yourself incredibly open to hackers and surveillance. This is especially true for your smartphone. You probably don’t take your laptop everywhere you go, but your smartphone goes with you. It keeps track of your every movement and you use it to make decisions on where to go and what to do. You also use it for important and confidential communications.

If you’re not using a VPN on your iPhone, you are being very lax with your security. A subscription only costs around $10 a month, and a lot less if you pay annually. It’s well worth it.

Password Managers

As much as you can rely on antivirus software and VPNs to protect you from external threats, the biggest threat may well be yourself. Most accounts are password-protected, and yet we continuously use weak passwords that we’ve been using for the past ten years. It is just far more convenient than coming up with something new every time.

A password manager takes any of the stress out of this for you. Instead of creating your own passwords, a password manager will do it automatically, coming up with something far more secure. You never have to know what that password is, and you can change it regularly if you like.

Two-factor verification is a very useful tool as well, and I recommend you turn it on where possible.