Almost everyone is using Facebook. May it be to connect with friends, play games or for product marketing. Number of friends, number of application users or fans, etc. looks very interesting as they grow. Large numbers in any such activity attract more users to connect. Lets see which applications are creating buzz on Facebook.

Facebook’s structure is made using different applications, allowing publishers and advertisers decide best application to display their paid adverts. This also allows other developers to create applications for their Games, Websites and other plenty of things including advertising.

Applications or Pages on Facebook have their own set of statistics to find the number of users accessing that particular App or Page in a Day, Week & Monthly basis. Such statistics are very important from a developer’s point of view, but these also carry importance for Publishers which are putting in money to display adverts or promote their content.

Out of pure curiosity, I searched and found these few interesting stats. I will try to post such stats in future if there is a significant change in the rankings.

How Facebook Apps are ranked?

Some may read these stats for fun just to see who is topping the charts. I did exactly the same when I first looked at them. But how are these stats calculated? Does the only criteria of the highest total number of users. Make an app number one in the chart or is there something more?

Well, the simple answer is: These are calculated based on DAU and MAU.

What is DAU & MAU?

DAU: Daily Active Users
MAU: Monthly Active Users

There is a lot of confusion between developers about the comprehensive definition of these DAU & MAU and Facebook has recently changed the way MAU is calculated.

DAU: Daily Active Users
MAU: Monthly Active Users

There is a lot of confusion between developers about the comprehensive definition of these DAU & MAU and Facebook has recently changed the way MAU is calculated.

According to Techcrunch article:

Real retention numbers for other people’s products are notoriously hard to come by, but in Facebook there are good 30 day retention data called the DAU/MAU Ratio – which can also be called Stickiness. This is the ratio of Daily Active Users to Monthly Active Users. For example, a DAU/MAU ratio of 50% would mean that the average user of your app is using its 15 out of 30 days that month.
It turns out this simple metric is enough to predict, with a high level of probability, the success of a product. For example, look at the correlation between the following set of Facebook games.

According to article

Simply put, MAU refers to the number of unique users per the past 30 days. This metric is most prominently displayed on the application about pages, and is sometimes confused for the Unique Canvas Page Views metric, as they are typically closely related.

To see the active user breakdown in your application by day, jump to your application Insight’s page and select “Active Users (Engagement)” from the dropdown menu on the Usage tab. You will see your unique daily active users per day. To see your application’s current MAU value, check the “Past 30 days” box.

Now we have almost understood what it is, let’s look at the stats for Feb 2011.

Top 10 Facebook Applications


Name Developer MAU Daily Growth
1. CityVille Zynga 94,550,420 0
2. FarmVille Zynga 50,415,801 0
3. Badoo Badoo Services Limited 42,471,785 0
4. Texas HoldEm Poker Zynga 37,619,495 -76,685
5. Facebook for BlackBerry® smartphones Research In Motion, Ltd. 30,758,520 25,978
6. Bing Microsoft 27,882,238 0
7. Causes Causes 22,870,074 403,533
8. FrontierVille Zynga 19,290,336 0
9. Phrases Takeoff Monkey, Inc. 19,065,997 0
10. BandPage by RootMusic RootMusic 18,527,637 0


Top 10 Fastest Growing Applications


Name MAU Daily Growth
1 Causes 22,870,074 403,533
2. Entrevista Social 5,172,915 0
3. Preguntas y Respuestas 6,427,477 0
4. Le Oui/Non jeu 3,312,779 0
5. Name Meaning 1,580,223 0
6. O Jogo do Sim/Não 2,968,115 0
7. Friend Secrets 1,150,954 0
8. Conduit 15,671,859 0
9. Ouais/Non. 619,262 122,281
10. The Washington Post (DEV/TEST Version) 1,032,149 0


Top 10 Worst Applications


Name MAU Daily Growth
1. Links 7,377,150 -2,254,061
2. Badoo 42,471,785 0
3. Notes 10,723,028 -148,629
4. Discussion Boards 51,849,134 -35,689
5. DailyPhoto 180,988 0
6. Mafia Wars Game 12,486,260 0
7. Boyaa Poker 3,560,162 0
8. Events 20,016,960 -223,578
9. Kingdoms of Camelot 3,006,769 0
10. Likelicious 1,527,936 0


Aren’t these Interesting stats? We hardly notice and care about these stats while using Facebook for our own activity (unless you’re a Developer or a Page owner.)

I think, it’s not about the huge number of users only because they may simply visit & go away to do something else. In fact, if the numbers are less, it shows dedicated fan base who is probably going to spend more time on an application increasing the DAU & MAU ratio.

Feel free to buzz me through comments if you’ve something to share about these stats.
I really hope to keep you guys posted with such stats & facts about Facebook Applications as well as Facebook Pages in the future.



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