Ubuntu for Android is now official, offers full Desktop on dual-core phones

In continued bigger announcements – Ubuntu also officially announced their Android solution along with Ubuntu OS for phones. Ubuntu for Android is designed to use the full potential of the Smartphone hardware that’s as good as Desktop PCs like dual-core and quad-core processors with 1GB+ RAM. This offers more opportunity for Android device manufacturers to sell on their inventories.

High-end Android tablets with Ubuntu installed will truly offer a complete Desktop PC experience with tons of Ubuntu apps ready to install on your mobile device.  This will change the way you have used an Android device yet.

There is no need to sync phone to PCs from your phone itself can be your PC, just by connecting a dock and monitor to it – taking full advantage of the hardware. It will be like carrying your PC everywhere.  And, because the phone is a PC we can make phone calls, read/send text messages from PC through the docking mobile device.

Note that, Ubuntu for Android is intended for implementing it at the device’s software optimization process. OEMs then can integrate easily with Android phones already in development. Ubuntu for Android doesn’t have a release date as a downloadable program for existing phones or tablets. If you know any – please let us know in the comment.

Another benefit for handset makers is, they can accessorize devices with docks, cables, keyboards and displays.

The one thing I am feeling good about Ubuntu’s new announcements is that – We’re getting officially close to more fun on our mobile devices & I can’t wait for hands-on.

How-it-works teaser video on Ubuntu for Android


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