With many Web Hosting plans available from multiple best web hosting companies, it becomes very difficult for the web developer to choose a right plan for his website, wherein the price, tech specifications, customer service etc are the factors to be considered before buying any such. These factors fall under every plan, but not necessarily the way you want.

A plan may be cheap but simultaneously may not have strong technical features or vice-versa. So, you need to decide on what basis you want to host your site. Rather it doesn’t make any difference if you don’t have enough technical knowledge about this, just go through the points mentioned below. It will surely help you reach your right way!

Basically, there are no standards as such; the selection of the plan completely depends on what kind of requirements your site is looking for.

  • Let’s begin with primary type of website. If you are to start-up a simple website, then you can opt for cheap plans with price ranging from $5 to $20. However, this may be time-consuming and may bring difficulties in installing CMS (Content Management Systems). This type of shared server hosting can be considered as an economy hosting plan.
  • If you wish to start-up a small business related site, then a mid-level shared hosting plan will be a right choice. Such plans are technically specific and supportive. The cost begins around $25 or $30 and may range high upwards (max limit of hundred dollars) as it shares server space with other websites to low down the price.
  • If you are on the way to host multiple domain names, then select a plan with the similar feature i.e. multiple domains hosting and registration services and that too with limited restrictions. Additionally, check out whether you can transfer the registration of the existing domain name to the new hosting provider. Along with it, also look for a plan that supports switching between web hosting providers. You have two options: either you can upgrade or degrade the plan. This is especially beneficial in case of changes in technical specialties on expansion of traffic.
  • If you have somewhat different idea for a website, say developing a website of an online store, in this scenario you will have to go for hosting account with MySQL, PHP as a need for shopping carts. Technically, you need to consider e-commerce hosting fundamentals. Regarding the online payment details, you must look for a plan that provides SSL certificate for the security purpose.
  • If your brain is stroked with an idea of developing a dynamic website such as a website of all types of songs, discussion forums, news site etc then you need a large disk space hosting provider. Moreover, lot of disk space is also required if your content possesses much of the images and videos. In such cases, you must particularly focus on the disk space provided in the hosting plan and choose as per your need. However, a simple website needs only 90-120MB of disk space. With large amount of graphics on your web pages, you also need to consider data transfer amount i.e. bandwidth.
  • If you are thinking to build up a site which may contain any kind of confidential or private content, say a bank site, then you must definitely go for a plan with high security facility. An economy or mid-level plan may not work in this case. Since, it is not shared hosting and your site entirely works on that particular server, it will cost you around hundreds of USDs.

Above were few essential suggestions, in terms of some basic focused requirements of the websites to choose a right web hosting plan to fit into your expectations precisely. Practically, there may not exist any plan that will satisfy all your needs, but in spite of getting disappointed and going on rejecting all one by one you must opt for the plan that perfectly suits your major requirement, as discussed above.

Ultimately, you are the decision-taker. Think wisely; gain as much as facilities provided by the plan and implement on your site with a full-fledged creativity and innovation.

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