CES 2014 is having its own good time this year & wearable technology is showings its presence as a true future prospect in the market. And, a giant has decided to venture into it. Intel has decided to compete with other wearable manufacturers by launching its own smartwatch & smart wristband by the end of this year. But unlike other smart watches like Samsung Galaxy Gear and Pebble or others (including iWatch), this one will function independently without a need of a smart phone.

Intel’s upcoming smartwatch will have everything integrated on-board, including the connectivity features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LPDDR2 (low-powered mobile DDR RAM), NAND flash storage,  geofencing to handle location-based notifications.



The company also announced a smart wristband in association with several fashion companies. ‘Opening Ceremony’ will be designing the gadget, but the features of this smart wristband are not yet revealed by Intel.

Intel also highlighted that, the wearable technology has not yet reached to a level where it really solves day-to-day problems despite the concept is receiving good limelight. Thus, they (Intel) feel the need to take up this challenge of developing something truly useful in the world in the segment. Both of Intel’s smartwatch and a smart wristband is expected to release sometime during this 2014.


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