XcodeGhost Malware

Recently an iOS malware has been detected & it’s called “XcodeGhost” which has affected at very root – the iTunes App Store. The creators of this malware were able to inject malicious code & developer’s had no clue about what actually happened.

XcodeGhost malware can steal users’ data and/or trick people in providing critical personal information. This was done by repackaging the tool required to create apps & this tweaked package led developers include the malware. Also, developers were forced to change certain security features before they could package apps & eventually finishing with malware inserted into it.

What should you do next?

From the list below, if you’ve any of the app(s) installed, ensure to do the following

  1. Update those apps right away. If update is not available, delete the app & wait until next version of the app is released on iTunes App Store before you re-install it.
  2. Change Apple ID password
  3. Check if any suspicious emails were sent out without you noticing about it
  4. Be cautious about any Push Notifications or Pop-ups you receive.

List of affected apps

  • WeChat (update to 6.2.6)
  • OPlayerHD Lite
  • LifeSmart
  • WinZip
  • 10000+ Wallpapers for iOS 8, iOS 7, iPhone, iPod and iPad
  • 喜马拉雅FM(Podcasts)儿童故事评书股票财经郎眼radio
  • 开眼 – 精选视频推介,每天大开眼界
  • 愤怒的小鸟2-李易峰至爱手游
  • 爱推
  • 电话号码归属地助手
  • 网易云音乐-好口碑,电台FM歌曲下载必备
  • CamCard Business
  • CamScanner Free| PDF Document Scanner and OCR
  • CamScanner +
  • CamScanner
  • CamCard
  • Mercury
  • WinZip
  • ly
  • PDFReader
  • guaji_gangtai en
  • Perfect365
  • PDFReader Free
  • WhiteTile
  • IHexin
  • WinZip Standard
  • MoreLikers2
  • CamScanner Lite
  • MobileTicket
  • iVMS-4500
  • OPlayer Lite
  • QYER
  • Golfsense
  • Ting
  • Installer
  • Golfsensehd
  • Wallpapers10000
  • CSMBP-AppStore
  • MSL108
  • x
  • com
  • snapgrab copy
  • iOBD2
  • PocketScanner
  • CuteCUT
  • AmHexinForPad
  • SuperJewelsQuest2
  • air2
  • InstaFollower
  • CamScanner Pro
  • Baba
  • WeLoop
  • DataMonitor
  • MSL070
  • nice dev
  • immtdchs
  • OPlayer
  • FlappyCircle
  • BiaoQingBao
  • SaveSnap
  • Guitar Master
  • Jin
  • WinZip Sector
  • Quick Save
  • CamCard

The security hole that led to this malware has been blocked by Apple & hopefully more such forged software tools won’t make their way to the developers.

The issue should be resolved & eased out soon but, you should be cautious during this period. If you’ve any questions, please add them in comments.


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