Teewe 2 Review

Teewe 2 is a genius concept that helps bring content from a myriad of device to the big screen (in your home that is). It is a cleverly constructed, easy to use HDMI dongle device. It was developed primarily on the basis of usability and has had raucous success in pleasing customers. Why? Because it fills an important void in home media, is easy to use and has staying power. It’s a no brainer. Everyone wants to watch content from their laptop or tablet on their TV in HD. Until now, we only had one similar product & that was Chromecast.

Turn your 42″ inch LED TV into a Smart TV, instantaneously!

Teewe 2 Review: Bridging The Media Gap – Literally

How Teewe 2 works

Teewe works by plugging into the HDMI port of your TV (or laptop or monitor) and syncing wirelessly with your device. It comes with a power adaptor to give it some juice and simply plugs in. You just need a TV and WiFi connection, which are more likely to be in home these days than a refrigerator. Once the Teewe is plugged in (you can also use an extension cable to keep the heat low, you sync it with the device. If you’re using a tablet or smartphone, then Teewe’s app needs to be installed, which is a seamless process.

Teewe 2 Review: Bridging The Media Gap – Literally

Teewe lets you play videos stored on your device, or stream content. This includes things like YouTube videos, any downloaded videos and even photos and music. It will even support subtitles if they are present in the content you’re viewing. Photos look a lot better on a 40 inch or so TV than a tablet or PC. You can even mirror your browser quite easily with a couple of swipes or clicks. The picture quality is actually pretty decent as well. This broadens the appeal as it’s more than just a simple video streaming app. It has plenty of tangible utility.

Works with Android, iPhone & Windows phone

The Teewe 2 is also quite reliable. Contrary to what you’d expect from a device like this, the connection won’t drop out of stagger in the middle of streaming content from a service like vimeo. Of course, the reliability of your internet connection will play a role in this, but with uninterrupted service, you’ll find Teewe hums along without issue.

What’s new in Teewe 2

  • 30% smaller & comes with HDMI extender cable, which is great.
  • Improved WiFi chip for better performance
  • Over 100,000 hours of premium content
  • Quad-core GPU for lag-free HD video playback

What’s in the box

  • Teewe 2 device
  • HDMI extension cable
  • USB to micro-USB power cable
  • Power adapter
  • User guide

Teewe 2 Review: Bridging The Media Gap – Literally

Teewe 2 is available for just Rs. 2399 & if you’re lucky, you might get a nice deal on Amazon or on Flipkart.

Supported systems

  • Desktops: Windows, Mac & Linux
  • Mobile: Android, iOS & Windows Phone

Teewe 2 Review: Bridging The Media Gap – Literally

As a bonus, the manufacturers include some extra services with the purchase, which is a generous add-on. If you happen to be an airtel broadband user, you’ll get 60 free GB of data. Additionally, regardless of your internet service provider, you’ll get a free two month subscription to ErosNow. This will allow you to watch the latest Hindi movies and TV. It’s a great bargain and hard to pass up. With all the competing streaming tech out there, Teewe 2 cuts through the pack and has remained a steadfast choice for informed consumers.

Intro video

Review Video

I’m still finalizing the Teewe 2 video review. So thought, I must share an article before I finish the video. Stay tuned for the review. Let me know in comments, if you have any questions about the product. You can head over to their website to order or know more about it.


  1. HeyTushar! Thanks so much for reviewing Teewe 2 and lending your support to Teewe. Eagerly awaiting the video! Do share it soon. Cheers!


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