Recently, the one name that’s making the wave in the smart phone as well as the tablet segment across the world is, Lenovo. Yes, the same trustworthy brand that we know for laptops and desktops. Lenovo’s recent product lineup in the mobile device segment is varied and caters to & suits all budget segments. Not just that, they’re hitting the right nail, by bringing more battery power to these large screen devices which was missing from even the most popular brands in the market now.

We’ll discuss & will bring to you more about these Lenovo devices from now on & today, I am starting with their Yoga Tablets.

About Lenovo Yoga Tablets

I saw them almost a month ago & fell in love with Lenovo Yoga tablets, purely for its design. It caught my attention and made me feel like most of the problems are taken care of already. Well, no – I am not patronizing these in any way & you too will know why.

To put in a very simple & easy to understand way – I am writing them into the points below. Let’s see some of its neat features over other tablets in the market.


Yoga Tablet – Key Features

  1. It’s breaking the (so far) monotonous tablet segment with its unique design. We have been seeing pretty much the same, repetitive product design irrespective of the brand names & most of us were kind of bored with them.
  2. The new multi-mode design has a battery cylinder & a kickstand on its side that works perfectly for 3 key usages of a tablet: A) Holding the tablet (despite its size) firm & use it on-the-go, B) Tilt it when needed the most while doing work or browsing when seated, C) Give it a stand & keep it almost straight on a table for watching videos, photos or doing a video conversation.
  3. No need to spend extra money to buy (expensive) cover accessories like we have to do for other tablets for getting the convenience mentioned above.
  4. Laser-etched back housing that ensures your tablet stays scratch-free without covering it all the way. Let’s you flaunt it – again with no extra costs.
  5. Whopping 18 hours of battery power, that’s enough to stay with until you go to sleep & even if you use it for the full day. Makes a lot of sense for someone who would spend most of his/her time doing business with & from a tablet. 9000 mAh battery is really huge & the last I used was a 7000 mAh battery on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1; considering that we can say, this one has an extra battery with a capacity of an iPhone 5.
  6. No confusion & super combination – Yoga tablets don’t confuse you by offering too many sizes & too many connectivity options or too many hardware configuration options. There are only 2 main options: 8 inches & 10 inches while both support 3G+ WiFi connectivity as well as feature a 1.2GHz quad-core processor with 1GB RAM. That makes it super easy to decide which one to buy.
  7. A Dolby Digital+ audio enhancement on its dual front facing speakers gives a perfect sound quality one would wish to have on a tablet for watching movies or listening to that favorite AR Rahman album.
  8. Yoga Tablet 8 inches also features Voice Calling, so you can use it as a phone too via the micro SIM card slot.
  9. Yoga 10 & Yoga 8, both tablets have decent cameras on the both sides, 5MP on back & 1.6MP on the front for a clear video chats.
  10. If you still want to protect these tabs from getting dirty – the company is offering Free Accessories worth Rs. 5799/- that includes; Lenovo branded flip cover, Lenovo in-ear headset, a scratch guard for its HD display & extended warranty for 1 more year (1+1)
  11. These tablets not only offer the much-needed current generation hardware & software like; Bluetooth 4, Expandable storage up to 64GB, the most popular Android OS; but also offer reliability of a brand that we already know & a design that gives a better way to use a tablet.



Yoga Tablet – Models Comparison

We don’t really need it, both are almost the same except the size. We just want to pick them based on the size we need. Simple, isn’t it?


Price  Rs. 22,999/-  Rs. 28,999/-
Display Size 8″ HD display (1280 x 800) with multi-touch & 178 degrees wide viewing angle 10.1″ HD display (1280 x 800) with multi-touch & 178 degrees wide viewing angle
Operating System Android OS 4.2 Jelly Bean Android OS 4.2 Jelly Bean
Processor MT 8389 Quad Core 1.2 GHz MT 8389 Quad Core 1.2 GHz
Memory (ram) 1 GB LP DDR2 1 GB LP DDR2
Storage eMMC 16GB eMMC 16GB
Sim Card Slot Micro-SIM (Voice calling supported) Micro-SIM
Gps Yes Yes
Bluetooth Bluetooth® 4.0 Bluetooth® 4.0
Battery Up to 18 hrs of WiFi web browsingLi-Ion, 6000 mAh Up to 18 hrs of WiFi web browsingLi-Ion, 9000 mAh
Colour Silver Grey Silver Grey


If you have any questions about the Lenovo Yoga Tablets, please feel free to comment below. You can always follow Lenovo India on their Facebook page to get more updates on exciting products like these.


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