Android Spy Apps Can Help Parents & Business

If you are a company or the parents with brat kid or employees using the Android powered smartphones from HTC or Samsung, then you can use the Android spy apps to know what they are doing!

Since its advent, Android has given and provided its users with incredible apps to use both for business and leisure. Many bosses who have their workforce on smartphones can use the Android spy apps to help their business grow and prosper.

Due to HUGE amount of distracting material available through smartphone apps such as Games, Music, Social Networking or Dating apps, many companies & parents now try to find discrete + efficient methods of how to observe their employees or kids to increase their productivity in work or studies.

First, there used to be a no-wall policy. Then open-halls were replaced by cubicles. With technology advancing… many new ideas and solutions have emerged. The latest & the most popular is, Android Spy.

Innovations like these, are beneficial & profitable for many organizations. They adapt to it so they could maintain good & hardworking workforce to force them away from any distractions. This is also comparatively cheap, easy to integrate than hiring a consultant agency to take of it.

The reason for using Android spy apps

The most potential reason for using the Android spy is to know what & how the confidential information in your company is being shared or not being shared.

Another reason could be, to see whether your kids are hanging around the appropriate set of peers. Are they getting inclined towards improper behavior, are they telling a lie about anything. This probably helps parents understand their kid during these fast-paced & changing lifestyle.

By using spy apps, you can know the desires & perceptions of your employees or kids, including their expectations towards you. This information can then be used to improve, to create a stronger and more loyal relationship.

Discrete & efficient

The most useful function of the spy app is that, your target will never realize he/she is being spied on. These apps also ensure that, you’re not leaving a digital footprint on the devices.

A person can do a lot of things using these apps such as; checking call logs, reading text messages or see photos, from their targeted device. This can help in finding A mole of your company or sometimes can even let you know what employees feel about their employer or administration.

One can copy, read sent and received messages, listen to active conversations on phone calls, intercept emails, the URLs of the sites visited, and can also track the location for employees who constantly give excuses for coming late to the office.

Not just that, it tells about your kid’s location data, where s/he had been all day, what type of conversation s/he is having with others etc, which may help understand about your kid.

Make them work under your rules

Spy apps can make your employees work in accordance with the company rules and regulations. Once your employees understand the measures taken by the company, they start working in compliance with the rules.

List of popular Android spy apps

Below are some of the widely used and best Android Spy apps. Some of the apps also offer limited time trial period, before you decide to buy a full subscription.

  • StealthGenie
  • Mobistealth
  • Gravity Mobile Spy
  • Spyera Spyphone Gold
  • Mobile Spy (Live Control Access)
  • Spy SMS


Android spy software or any cell phone monitoring software, is designed to monitor your children or your employees on a smartphone you personally own. Or you must have a proper written consent to monitor her or his cell phone activities, in compliance with applicable laws of your state or country.

You must inform the said person about any such activity may be monitored. You also must not attempt to monitor your spouse, your 18+ children or anyone else without their knowledge of any such software activity on their mobile phones is being tracked.

I suggest to consult your legal counsel before using spy apps.

These apps can be a handy if used well. They have their advantages & disadvantages as well. You may also want to read my earlier post how to stop kids from texting or using phone while driving.

Do share you thoughts about these using spy apps. Do you think these kind of technological advancements are useful for day to day life? Have you used any such spy app before? Did you review them before? Please share in the comments below


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