Apple iPhone 4S Retail Launch Better than Expected & Your Chance to Win!

The 4S went on sale on 14th Oct, along with plenty of media hype and even more Apple fan enthusiasm. And if you are a UK resident, then you have a chance to win a factory unlocked iPhone 4S. Read further for more information.

Despite a generally lackluster response in the industry press to Apple’s initial announcement of the new iPhone last week, sales were very solid, with UK phone company O2 reporting its best sales ever of any newly launched phone. Worldwide sales figures are expected to be strong, with at least several million handsets being sold this year, and a total production run of 15 million.

This pattern is very similar to that seen at the launch of the iPhone 3GS, in 2009. Though media pundits felt it was just a slightly improved iPhone 3G, that “S” for Speed really reflected some major improvements in the speed and capabilities of the handset. Those improvements appealed to customers, with the 3GS, loaded with its then-new 3.0 operating system, selling millions. The 4S also comes with a new operating system, iOS 5 (which includes 200+ features) and though older machines can also use iOS 5, the iPhone 4S really is optimized for it.

Siri, the 4S’s virtual assistant, got people quite excited but has failed to live up to expectations so far, at least outside the USA. Many of its location-based services only work in the US, leaving British and other users disappointed at its inability to respond to commands like “Book me a table at the best Italian restaurant nearby.” It still works fine to send texts by dictation, or make phone calls, going directly to your phone directory and dialling when you tell it “OK, call Dad”. In theory (and unusually for Apple), Siri is still in beta, and it’s hoped that the service will be fully practical outside the USA soon.

Some users of older iPhones and iPads are frustrated that Siri is no longer available on their devices. They’d picked it up when it was still available from the company Siri, who originally launched it. Apple, having bought the company and vastly improved the software, removed Siri from iTunes just before the 4S release announcement. Hackers have already said they will attempt to make it available for older machines again, if it’s possible to do so without piracy.

Apple iPhone 4S Retail Launch Better than Expected & Your Chance to Win!

The overall performance of the 4S is very solid, with blisteringly fast web browsing (smashing Android smartphones in web browsing benchmark tests) and much more smooth-running apps than previous iPhone generations. However, Google are launching a new Android version, called Ice Cream Sandwich in November, which is said to bring the best Android phones right up to speed with the 4S. The new Android will first feature on the Galaxy Nexus from Samsung.

As Mark Hirst, managing director of Best Mobile Contracts, put it, “The improved specs, including the A5 dual core processor, and 8 megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording make the iPhone 4S a welcome addition to the iPhone family.”

With a better camera than ever before seen on the iPhone – the kind of camera that makes taking good photos on the move, effortless – along with all the other performance improvements “under the hood” – the 4S is a real superstar phone. It should come as no surprise that Apple once more have a well-deserved commercial success on their hands.

Although the 4S is selling better than many critics had expected, and better than any previous iPhone, it remains an expensive product for many people to prove purchasing it during a recession.

Are you a UK Resident? Your Chance to Win an iPhone 4S 16GB

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