USB charging works on Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P7500 (Proof)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 or 10.1 is definitely an amazing tablet. But, many people complained about this Android Honeycomb powered tablet not charging while connected to USB. Well, that was true few days back – not anymore. How? Read further…

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ probably has the best battery backup (7000 mAh) I have seen till date for any tablet. It consumes little more battery when connected to 3G but otherwise performs way better than I thought when using WiFi or playing games & watching videos.

Earlier, it lacked in ability to charge its battery when connected to computer using USB cable in powered ON mode. The status bar also clearly shows a ‘cross’ indicating that the battery is not charging.

The only way available to charge using USB data cable was to power-off the tablet and it would start charging, showing the battery sign as well.

Recently, I applied another firmware update to it PDA:KI2/PHONE:KI1/CSC:KI1 (INU) through Kies. I could not identify immediately whether battery is charging through USB cable because the status bar kept showing a ‘cross’ over the battery icon. But, in fact it was (still) charging up my TAB.

USB charging on Samsung Galaxy Tab

TAB battery is showing status as 94%

USB charging works on Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P7500 (Proof)

TAB battery is showing status as 100%

USB charging works on Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P7500 (Proof)

When I turned off 3G connection on the TAB, it must have taken less than 30 minutes to charge-up those 6%. My bad that I could not track it minute-to-minute.

What’s the conclusion?

Well, if your Samsung Galaxy TAB is not charging through USB and you always had to plug it with power cable then

1] If you’ve updated to latest firmware then try charging for approx. 30 minutes
2] If not, then make sure updating to latest firmware through Kies

Interestingly, though USB charging is always going to be slower than power adapter – I am not finding it way too slow which other people have complained about. It was important feature that was earlier missing but is now available.

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Hope this helps 🙂


  1. Whats the size of the update.. I was reading on the net and somewhere it said its about 13 mb. Now there was initially a window that showed downoading for like 3 minutes.. I guess that would be 13 mbs.. but then it shows another download window where it just keep on downloading and downloading….


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