This is probably the easiest method available to backup and restore your contacts from or to any iOS device. All you need is an app called My Contacts Backup. This app makes life a lot easier for scheduling your contact backups & also when you’re migrating to iOS device or moving away to Android from your iOS device.

All we knew was only one way of syncing our iPhone with iTunes & then using Outlook or Address Book to get contacts saved on our PC, but, it’s tedious at times and the success rate of successfully transferring contacts us very low in case of non-techies

My Contacts Backup does the job quite well and it really works. There are two versions of the same app, one is free while the other is paid; of course the paid version has the interesting Reminder feature. Both the versions can export contacts in popular .VCF (VCard) format.

And, we don’t need to jailbreak our phones to use My Contact Backup. This app is also compatible with iOS 7.

About My Contacts Backup (MCBackup)

My Contacts Backup (MC Backup) is probably the easiest way to backup and then restore contacts from our iPhone without a computer & iTunes. Backup of all the contacts happen using a single tap on a button & then we can send this joint .vcf file over as an email  attachment (send to your own email ID)

To restore or import these exported contacts, all we need to do is – simply open the mail you just sent to yourself – tap on the .vcf file attachment to the email & select import.



MC Backup Features

  • We can take the backup by emailing the copy to yourself & restore it offline through Which means we can backup contacts on email account.
  • Restoring .vcf file from iPhone or iPad mail app is a built-in feature of iOS
  • The same process can be done on various iOS devices.
  • We can set reminders to back up on weekly or monthly basis. (This feature is not available in FREE version)
  • Supports contact backups in two formats: VCF & CSV
  • VCF file format is widely used & this way its easy to restore contacts to other phones including Android or Nokia.
  • You can download backup file from iTunes as well when connected to PC (Device > Apps > File Sharing > My Contacts Backup Pro)
  • Best & easiest way to copy / move iPhone contacts to Android devices.

Update: New Version, New Features

New version of MCBackup allows transferring contacts – either VCF or CSV as selected under settings option & can be used to copy contacts file over WiFi server to your computer / device. You can enter the designated IP in your computer’s browser & from there a contacts backup file can be downloaded on the computer.

MCBackup PRO version allows, editing contacts on the device itself when connected through the WiFi server feature. We can then save them for the restore process. It’s a very useful feature of this newest app. I am loving this simple & easy to use app even more.


  • My Contacts Backup free version is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad with iOS 3.0 or later, while the paid version is compatible with iOS 4 or later
  • You should must have at least one email account configured in default on your iOS device. This is the only way to be able to send your contacts backup over email.

MCBackup Download Link

Watch ‘My Contacts Backup’ App Video Demo

I think this is the simplest alternative process to back up or restore contacts from your iOS device without the iTunes. Getting all the contacts in single a.VCF (VCard) file is a super convenient way to import/transfer contacts from iPhone to Android or to Nokia phones. Hope you find this helpful. If you like it, please share with your friends too.


    • Once you send backup file to your email account… open to access it (add that email account in if you havent already).
      Once done – open your email msg with backedup VCF file.

      Click on it to open and it will prompt you to Import etc.

      Simple as that. No need of iTunes to restore your contacts.

    • It should get imported with no issues whatsoever. Which Samsung handset are you using? I imported VCF the same way, just send it to your email, download email attachment on Samsung phone & it should ask you what to do.

      I transferred my iPhone contacts to my Samsung Galaxy S3 the same way.

      Hope this helps.

    • @fergusonsarah Glad to know it was useful. I too was relived when I backed up contacts using this method. Its really easy. 🙂


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