Research In Motion – a company behind BlackBerry has recently announced the all new BlackBerry OS 10 (some people call it BBX). This new OS is designed with a fresh approach by the company, considering the rising popularity of Android & iOS devices.

New BBX will be supported on following devices:

  • BlackBerry PlayBook
  • BlackBerry L-Series (Codename: London)
  • BlackBerry N-Series (Codename: Nevada)
  • BlackBerry Colt (Delayed for Q4 2012)

As described by N4BB, the company is all set to release two variations that supports new BlackBerry OS 10 devices. Let’s have a quick look at them.

New BlackBerry L-Series with BB OS 10 specifications

This new BlackBerry L-series phone will most-likely feature:

  • Full touch OLED 3.5”screen
  • 768×1280 resolution with 356 PPI
  • 1.5 GHz dual-core processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16 GB internal storage
  • 8 MP rear & 2MP front camera
  • and that’s not all – the L-series phone will be as thin as Samsung Galaxy SII – thinner than iPhone 4S.

BlackBerry L-Series Touch Phone with OS 10

New BlackBerry N Series with BB OS 10

This phone will have BlackBerry’s popular physical keyboard, a larger display with high-resolution 720×720 screen.

Why is RIM focusing on Touch Phones?

It’s obvious! Samsung, Apple and now Nokia is gaining popularity for their touch-screen phones. Even, in corporate world they used to flaunt expensive BBs – but the picture is changing. Now, they flaunt expensive iPhones, Samsung SII / SIII, Droid Razr and what not!

Let’s not forget BlackBerry Playbookwas big failure for the company in recent time. And, just re-polishing everything with BB OS 10 won’t really help. Sorry, I don’t wish to create a negative vibe here BaBy but, you never came up with any innovation all these years.

Reports are saying, RIM is focused on bringing touch-screen L-Series phone ahead of N-Series. Why would a company want to drop their beloved keyboard phones? People thinking of BlackBerry, are looking for physical keyboard on the phone, so why not get something interesting done for them?

Look at this Poll

BlackBerry Physical Keyboard - Poll

Approx. 50% (or even more) people are looking for physical keyboard. Doesn’t that stand as a sample market research?

Many analysts believe that, not focusing on BlackBerry phones with physical keyboard – will mark as another bad decision from RIM.

No matter how much the BB fans deny – the fact is, BlackBerry is losing its polish in recent times and I always felt that, the company is responsible for the same.

If above photograph is true then new L-series touch-screen phone looks very competitive and with ambitious BB OS 10 – it may do much-needed wonders for RIM.

Splitting the Handset Unit!

RIM is also planning hard on splitting their software division & handsets units into two separate companies. According to what Mashable reported, RIM has appointed advisers to look into this matter & if things go well, the company would like to sell-off their handsets unit to interesting companies such as Facebook or Amazon.

Google, Microsoft and Apple are also in talks with RIM (of course separately) but, I don’t think they have any reason to take up BlackBerry handset units.

BlackBerry 10 Demo Video

What do you think? Will this bring back the lost glitter on BlackBerry? Do share you views through comments.


  1. BB10-based products are definitely the last resort for RIM. If they fail, they’re done. Period. They need to hit a home run.

    •  @smulji So true 🙂 can’t agree more & recent developments happening around RIM aren’t too pleasing for the BB fans.


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