You guys may think so – but, I am not against Android. It is one of those big things around today. Just that, I am not liking this naming & version strategy anymore.

Since MWC 2012 – we all know Android’s next version is called Jelly Bean & yesterday they revealed a statue in campus, showing Android robot filled with Jelly Beans!

Android Jelly Bean 4.1

Exciting time for Android fans, but… I feel something isn’t fair.

Reports are saying Jelly Bean is in fact a version 4.1 & Android 5 will have a name Key Lime Pie. Although, Jelly Bean may get more interesting features than the Ice Cream Sandwich.

Using funky names for software versions isn’t new. Microsoft used it, WordPress is using it and Apple is still using the format for Mac OS – but these either have a breathing period or are available effective immediately including iOS. I also kind of liked the Mozilla’s recent strategy of releasing latest versions, each with a new full number. 11, 12, 13 and so on… so much easy to remember & follow.

Another problem is – none of the Android device manufacturer is able to deliver an update for all their devices immediately. We’re still expecting ICS update for Galaxy Tabs when ICS was launched on October 19, 2011

ICS release was timed perfectly & it was a much-needed announcement back then to streamline & unify Android OS on mobile phones & tablets. Another version is coming out within eight months! Are you kidding?

Things aren’t as easy for Android as releasing an OTA update starting from the launch day because, it needs to go through the optimization process for each device configurations and this is at the cost of device’s manufacturer.

They may capitalize on it by selling Jelly Bean devices in next few months – but it gets disappointing for buyers of older devices available in the market. The whole strategy seems focused on enticing Android fans & pump them up with excitement – but, will not be fruitful on longer term perspective, I suppose.

If this continues – it’s going to be a big headache for all the handset manufacturers as too many variations of Android devices are produced. It doesn’t look practical anymore to support latest versions even on slightly older devices. Most importantly, the updates has to be rolled-out when excitement is at its peak. Unlike for iOS where – there are limited configurations available, yet they release new version after a year.

Now, preparing a new Jelly Bean recipe to feed supported devices is another big task when ICS recipe for lot of devices is still marinating, even though we can say – it’s up to the manufacturer to decide how fast he can deliver.

And to make this tasting & digesting process a little easier – my friendly request to them is, please name one of the next Android OS as Jal Jeera (Cumin Lemonade) and repeat it after every 3 versions. 🙂

My best wishes for the Google I/O event.

What do you think? Do share your views through comments.


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