Samsung Electronics – world’s largest mobile manufacturer said, their recently launched Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone sales will hit 10 million+ units by the end of July 2012.

Designed for Humans – one of the cheesiest caption I have heard in recent times but, is surely helping Samsung to gain ordinary consumers (here, Ordinary = Non Techie). These type of users are overwhelmed by the TV commercials showing some of the interesting new features SIII has like: S Beam – based on NFC (Near Field Communication).

Yesterday, my cousin brother asked me, what this new technology is all about? How does this file transfer works when touching phones even though there is a glass door in-between! How can the phone recognize me? I smiled, and quickly described him how NFC, Face detection using front-camera work. His expressions were not to be missed!

I won’t blame him for not knowing this technology – but, I would rather congratulate Samsung for reaching-out to these mobile handset users. Because, interest generated = Virtually 50% sale.

Samsung Galaxy SIII large 4.8 inch crisp screen, Super AMOLED HD display and lightweight comfortable grip are some of the first impressions user’s are falling for. We must not forget Samsung SII’s contribution to the SIII sales. Previous SII owners are the first ones to upgrade to SIII.

It will be tough to deliver components needed due to rising demand for their latest smartphone and it will get even challenging when the phone is distributed all over the world, with over 300 carriers in 145+ countries by the end of July 2012

Recently, Samsung also came up with another strategy offering Easy Phone Sync app to ease-out the process of syncing all the iTunes data on to a Samsung Galaxy handset. Now, this is tricky to get hold of iPhone users who’re unsure about how their data can be kept intact after switching over to SIII.

All of these things are seems to be working for Samsung & they are looking as strongest opponent to Apple.

10 million+ sales within three months after the launch is a BIG achievement for any company. Samsung deserves this more than anyone else for their systematic approach & quality products. However I still feel, S3 is at least 15% overpriced.

Samsung too would like to sell as many devices before any iPhone 5 announcement because, Apple fans are stubborn (including me) and Apple is known for giving surprises.

For now – Kudos to Samsung! 🙂

PS [Edit]: I received few messages saying, ‘We are not ordinary’ and ‘Samsung users are not ordinary’! So to all those dear readers, here is my answer: I already mentioned above that, ‘ordinary’ is used for non-techie users – especially those who have never used a smartphone. And, targeting these people is a positive thing from Samsung. Because, a geek like you… already knows lot of new things. Don’t you? 🙂


  1. I’ve never been much of an Android fan but I must admit the Galaxy SIII is very nice phone.  I’m almost tempted to buy one.

    •  @smulji Indeed it’s tempting! However, I would wait for a month still. There are few battery issues and display problems in Galaxy S3. I am sure they will get this sorted soon.


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