What Causes Windows O/S Crashes & File Corruption?

Regardless of whether you’re using Windows 8.1 or the latest version 10, most users have a love/hate relationship with their operating system. There is no doubt that its reliability has gotten better over the years, however, it’ll never be perfect, and Windows O/S crashes do still occur.

Unfortunately, open files can become corrupted, especially if they were in the middle of saving a new version when a Windows crash occurred. 

For this article, we make some specific suggestions about things PC owners can do to reduce the occurrence of Windows crashes and freezes. 

Outdated, Unstable Windows Device Drivers

A device driver enables a piece of hardware to communicate successfully back and forth with the Windows operating system. Pretty much every major part or system within your PC has a device driver enabling Windows to access its functionality. 

Sometimes, the device driver is programmed poorly. This can lead to a security vulnerably which could be exploited. Other times, it’s found to be incompatible or unstable. Because of this, either the manufacturer or Microsoft will release new versions of the device driver which PC owners can install. By updating the device drivers regularly, it becomes less likely that a hardware conflict will cause Windows to crash.

A software app like SlimDrivers gathers a list of the devices in the PC that require a software driver, checks online for a newer version and provides an easy way to download the driver for installation. Performing this check on a weekly basis is best. 

Windows Updates Performed Too Soon

Updating Windows to the latest version through the Windows Update feature is problematic for many Windows users. While in theory it makes sense to update to the latest version to get bug fixes, plug security holes and even receive the occasional new feature, there are risks with doing so.

Despite the best testing, sometimes a new update gets released that causes fresh problems. This is often because with so many thousands of different components to test in various combinations, it’s near impossible to test for every permutation. Therefore, some Windows updates slip through with their own instability problems.

Take time to install Windows Updates to avoid this issue. It does mean potential security issues aren’t patched sooner though. Which risk is greatest depends on your perspective on stability vs. security. 

Resolving Corrupted Files from a Previous Window Crash

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to have a spreadsheet, Word document or other file get corrupted because it was open when Windows crashed, then it’s not uncommon to find it’s been damaged. At that stage, it may even refuse to open. 

When it comes to file corruption, use recovery specialists rather than trying to resolve it yourself. They will have better file recovery software and tons of experience recovering files and drives that have become damaged. Their use of cleanrooms to open up a damaged drive to repair it making files accessible again is a life saver too. The better file recovery companies also have many drop-off points across the country to put a drive in for file recovery or repair too.

Repeated Windows crashes aren’t the end of the world. There’s usually a solid reason and a remedy to stop them happening over and over. This makes your use of computer technology a less arduous one.