Why Are MacBooks so Expensive?

Why are MacBooks so expensive is a question that has puzzled the Internet for millennia — yes, even before the Internet existed. It is a question that inspired numerous forum wars and forced geeks to expand their vocabulary so they can get their point across. 

After all, one does not utter the words Apple or Windows out of fear of being publicly ridiculed by the other side, which, by the way, is not even the dark side nor it has cookies.

However, all jokes aside, now that we’ve let sarcasm out of our system and, hopefully, made you keep an open mind, for any tech-lovers out there who enjoy looking at technology objectively without favoring one or the other, why are MacBooks so expensive is a legit question. Therefore, let’s dive right in and try to answer it, shall we?

No Low-End Hardware

If you compare portfolios of multiple companies that build and sell hardware for Windows computers and laptops with products available at Apple, you will immediately notice one major difference — the initial price of MacBooks is much higher than the price of computers running on Windows.

Does that mean that Apple’s laptops are straight-up better and therefore more expensive? Well, no, not really. 

For example, companies like HP, Asus, and Lenovo target a much broader audience and offer products that are much more affordable to users. However, if you exclude cheaper products and compare Apple’s MacBook to, let’s say, high-end gaming laptops by Razer and Alienware, you will notice that they are equal in price. In fact, MacBooks can even be cheaper than laptops by Razer and Alienware.

The same can be said for computers. While you can build a computer for $200, in terms of specs and performance it won’t come even close to some of the high-end machines that can cost thousands of dollars, so it is safe to say that the only relevant factor we need to pay attention to is are we getting enough value for our money.

How Do We Compare Them Then?

Well, it is rather simple — we look at the specs! However, if you don’t want to look at the numbers but would like to test the products firsthand before making a purchase, you can even rent a MacBook or a Windows PC and compare them yourself and see what’s inside.

Speaking of parts — this might shock a lot of ardent Apple fans out there — did you know that a lot of hardware that goes into building a MacBook is almost identical to the one that goes into modern-day Windows laptops and computers?

Macs use Intel’s processors and Radeon’s graphics cards. However, if you compare them part by part, you will pay significantly less by purchasing the parts yourself and assembling a Windows PC. Does that mean you should rush and buy yourself a Windows PC? No, not yet because MacBooks have a lot going for them.

How Much for the Logo?

As is the case with many products out there, you are partially paying for the brand. Look at Nike, Coca-Cola, or Versace, for example. It’s no secret that most of the time, you are paying for the brand while the well-known quality and prestige come with the product. Therefore, Apple shouldn’t be treated any differently for charging a bit extra for their brand. After all, even companies producing parts for Windows computers and laptops do that.

Also, if you think about it, while Apple indeed does have to adjust the prices of their products in comparison with Android phones and Windows computers and laptops in order to stay competitive, technically, they have no competition as their products are somewhat unique.

Additionally, a lot of Apple’s products are built to last. In other words, since their market isn’t as saturated as the one comprised of Windows PC parts, apart from being built to last, their products remain relevant much longer.

Should I Get a MacBook?

To answer that question, you should ask yourself what’s the purpose of your purchase, and how knowledgeable you are when it comes to technology.

For example, if you need software that’s available only with the Apple’s macOS, a machine that basically runs itself, and you are also willing to pay slightly more for the brand, then, by all means, you should get a MacBook.

However, if you would like to save some money or invest in a more powerful computer, then Windows computers are the way to go.