One of the neatest features of latest Samsung Galaxy series phones (after Galaxy S3) is that, they all offer Smart Alerts feature & few others, through detecting motion. I used all the phones in that series, including the Galaxy Note-3 (not Galaxy S5 yet) and I know the full importance of using the Smart Alerts.

I am one those people who don’t keep staring at the phone screen all the time & my phone is mostly kept on Silent mode to avoid interruptions during meetings, Skype calls & sometimes when working. This leads to not noticing the missed calls, incoming text messages, WhatsApp or Telegram messages etc.

By using Smart Alerts, I was also benefited to understand missed notifications through its vibration alert, & I would quickly take a look. However, I was missing this great feature since I moved on to the iPhone 5.

SmartAlertSamsung Smart Alerts

Thanks to the ‘Discreet’ jailbreak tweak (including for IOS 7 & 64bit devices) developed by Drew Dunne that uses Activator Listener to activate a vibration alert for any pending, unseen notifications.

‘Discreet’ Jailbreak Tweak Offers Smart Alerts For iPhone

‘Discreet’ jailbreak tweak can be used when screen is locked & any Activator listener on physical buttons will trigger this. Like, I have set it for ‘Short Hold (home button)’.  Which means, if the phone is in my pocket during meetings or on the desk – I would simply ‘short hold’ the home button & the phone vibrates to tell about the pending notifications.

The code for ‘Discreet’ tweak is also available on Github here.

How To Download & Setup

‘Discreet’ tweak is available for free & is released via The BigBoss Repo on Cydia.

  • Search for ‘Discreet’ tweak within Cydia
  • Install & respring your device
  • Go to Settings > Activator > At Lockscreen > Short Hold (Press & hold Home Button) > Select ‘Discreet’ from the list of triggers.




I like this tweak & make us feel proud for having decided to jailbreak our devices. Thanks to the developers. Hope this helps. Do tell us through comments if you too found this tweak useful.