Facebook new feature: Now you can edit Facebook Comments

Facebook is under continuous up-gradation which we saw in different features such as, Email@Facebook.comNew Profile LayoutInstant Personalization. Recently they also removed the ‘Post’ button from comments, use the keyboard ‘Enter’ key instead. And now it is easily possible to edit comments you post on Facebook.

This feature rolled out without much of an attention given to it, really.

As they did earlier, this feature too was available to Facebook users gradually. Some users saw this feature enabled for their accounts while using Opera browser.

How to edit Facebook Comments?

  • This is how you would post a comment.

  • It looks like this once your comment is posted.

  • Now, you need to click on a cross [X] on top right corner of the comment box. It shows ‘remove’ as a tooltip.

  • You can now see it is possible to edit your comment you just posted.

  • Use Shift+ENTER to add another line to a comment because pressing just ENTER will post your comment.

Editing your own comment is only possible within approx 1 minute or so after it was posted. It is not possible to edit your comment after this allotted time has gone by. Your comments are locked once somebody replies to that particular post even within that allotted one minute. You can still DELETE the comments, but can not EDIT it.

Notification will be re-sent to all the users who ‘liked’ or commented on that post before you. Editing will still send two notifications letting others know you have commented. Each for original & edited comment.

I think, Facebook should delay comment notifications by 1 minute to allow user to edit comments (and to of course prove the reason of this feature). Or they should give a check box in the comment editing box to check or uncheck ‘Do not send Notification’

Update: June 2012 – New Edit Comment Feature

Facebook finally improved Facebook edit comment feature. Now, it does not have a time-limit before you could edit a comment. It’s permanent and available under a drop-down along side Delete comment button.

You can now edit Facebook comments anytime you want on any post. Plus, it’s also possible to see a history of all the comment edits – so that new commenters will get a neat picture of the conversation instead of getting lost. Cool, eh?

Facebook New Feature: Now you can edit Comments

This is an appropriate way of how Facebook commenting systems should be, instead of deleting an accidentally posted comments and re-commenting. However, this feature is not yet available for Facebook App for iPhone or Android.



  1. Remove this please. It’s all old stuff! Now it’s impossible to edit a post unless there’s a picture in it!

  2. Editing your own comment is only possible within approx 1 minute or so after it was posted.

    Well, as with most things Facebook, the time limit sucks.


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