It’s just over two weeks since Samsung launched the all new Galaxy Note-3 & already there are talks of, even more variations hitting the market soon. Samsung is very keen on releasing cheaper Note-3 model using LCD display, the launch would happen sometime next month. Not just that – the company is also planning to release a Limited Edition Galaxy Note-3 featuring, flexible OLED display.

During CES 2013 & in the past, we have seen prototypes from Samsung and LG showcasing smartphones with advanced flexible display. Samsung did showcase it with name: ‘Youm ‘

However, the upcoming limited edition might not work with such elasticity.

New limited edition Note-3 will feature a flexible display made with plastic, but the idea behind making such display is to make smart phone displays more durable & unbreakable even if they fall from substantial height.



Another benefit is to make these devices thinner & lighter – so that its thickness & its weight can be controlled while making these devices handier to use on a daily basis even though with large-screen displays

I also think, this could be a test phase move from Samsung before they can actually go into mass production mode for Galaxy S5 in March 2014.

It would be interesting to see at the actual event, on what Samsung has in plan for their flagship series. Even though they have been successfully upgraded the hardware well – there is a lack of innovation in terms of overall design & appeal, except a couple of things. Do share your thoughts in the comments below about the new Galaxy Note phone with Flexible OLED display.


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