How To Sell Your iPhone / Android Photos To Make Extra Money

Everyone is mobile these days & with few high-end Smartphones launched every few months – all of us have the decent camera power in our pockets. Smartphones such as Nokia Lumia series, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4Galaxy Note 3Nexus 4 can click decent for top-quality pictures. I totally loved the kind of colors offered by Nokia’s PureView mobile camera, depth-of-field offered by Samsung’s Galaxy S4 & ease of clicking panoramas within the iPhone 5.

Photo apps are nothing new for all of us. There are at least 100 different photography apps available for Android and iPhone including social media apps like Instagram, portfolio apps like Flickr & photo editing apps like PicsArt or any of your already favorites.

Selling mobile photos

Recently, I came across an app called ‘Foap’. It allows doing four main items even for casual photographers:

  • Showcase your photography skills
  • Connect with like-minded amateur / casual or professional mobile photographers
  • Earn money by selling photos (( $10 per photo) from your iPhone or Android mobile
  • Chance to earn more cash prizes by participating in various missions


Download the Foap app

Foap was only available for an iPhone earlier, but today they released it for Android as well. So – got me enough reason to write about it.

How does it work?

It’s not complex or a tedious process at all, however, there is a certain criteria & review process involved before your pictures are available for sale in Foap marketplace. And not to forget – your photos should be absolutely creative, high-quality and impressive to be able to generate sales.

Here are quick pointers on how the process takes place:

  1. Download the Foap app & create your account
  2. Add your PayPal account so you can receive money after a threshold is met. (Read how to create a PayPal account if you absolutely no idea what it is)
  3. Upload your photo
  4. Add suitable caption
  5. Add Location & Tags (add as many relative tags as possible)
  6. Approve copyright declaration
  7. When uploading is finished, you will have to rate at least 5 pictures which are under a review process (same as yours) on the scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the best)
  8. Once you’re done rating them – your newly uploaded photo will go into a review process
  9. Depending upon the quality, copyright and rating from reviewers – your photo will be made available in the marketplace.
  10. Keep browsing & giving rating to others’ photos while you wait for your photo(s) to be sold or receive ratings.

Chance to win extra (heavy) cash

As mentioned earlier – Foap also hosts missions on multiple & variety of topics such as; Music, Everyday Life, A warm welcome, Pets & Animals, Funny faces & etc.

These missions want you to submit photo(s) on specific topics & if your photo wins – you’re entitled to win big cash rewards ranging from $100 to $1500, depending upon how commercially the chosen photo will be used.


There’s no harm in trying

Well, this all sounds very lucrative – especially when we have already spent a lot of money to get possibly the best camera smart phone & someone has actually made an effort to build an active community for selling those mobile pictures. Crazy, eh? Anyway – money is not the only reason why I joined Foap. Beside money, what I also liked about Foap is, it offers competitive & it’s not just about liking pictures on Instagram.

Foap makes you take your mobile camera, & casual mobile photography, seriously. And, lets you explore some of the best pictures (not as many like on Instagram) ever taken from an iPhone or Android. If you find this interesting & if you happen to join Foap – don’t forget to find & follow me. My username is ‘tushonline’

Alternative options for selling mobile photos

There is an alternative to Foap called ‘Clashot’ from the makers of Depositphotos. Clashot is relatively new it seems,  but does have  its own active community. Do check out Clashot for iPhone as well. Do share your thoughts, experience with Foap or any such app or website where, we can sell our mobile photos. If there’re more interesting options then we can update them here for others to know.


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