Get Complete List of Pro Tools Shortcuts on iPhone, iPod and iPad

Understanding and memorizing shortcuts is important part of using any software efficiently especially when you are working on a production set-up. Using mouse for each command is just not practical even when using documentation softwares.

But, remembering and practicing HUGE list shortcuts would never happen over-night. It takes time and hence it is vital to have a good reference handy. Am I not right?

PTShortcuts is an app that provides same type of handy reference to list of shortcuts used in Pro Tools software and provides the complete list discussed in Pro Tools’ official courseware.

What is Pro Tools?

You’re reading this page then most likely you already know about Pro Tools but if you don’t, then here it is…

Pro Tools is a digital audio workstation platform for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems, developed and manufactured by Avid Technology. It is widely used by professionals throughout the audio industries for recording and editing in music production, film scoring, film, and television post production. Pro Tools can run as standalone software, or run using a range of external A/D converters and internal PCI or PCIe audio cards with onboard DSP.

What is PTShortcuts (Pro Tools Shortcuts)?

PTShortcuts is a brainchild of Realizations Media Pvt Ltd and is developed by Script Lanes, both from Pune (India).

As I said, knowledge of keyboard commands and shortcuts is a primary need along with the skill what you use the software for. PTShortcuts is a like a huge library of such practically useful commands for Pro Tools. This library is an extract of official courseware and compiled by Centre for Professional Media Learning (CPML), an authorized training partner of Avid in India.

This App is equally helpful for students for memorizing shortcuts to get through Avid’s online Pro Tools exam.

You can browse through the list of shortcuts though categorically sorted menu functions or search through the app for specific shortcuts on a easy-to-use simple user interface


  •  Shortcuts discussed in Pro Tools 101, 110, 201, 210M and 210P official courseware
  • Category-wise classification of shortcuts
  • Search Function
  • Shortcuts for both Mac and Windows included


Get Complete List of Pro Tools Shortcuts on iPhone, iPod and iPad

Download Link

PTShortcuts is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad running iOS 4 or later.

  • Free Version: PTShortcuts Lite is a free version which looks perfect for beginners in Pro Tools and hence it has limited list of shortcuts. Download LITE version here.
  • Pro Version: PTShortcus PRO is a paid version priced at $1.99 is ideal for Pro Tools professionals. It also comes with FREE Updates for future version (including advance search options, adding notes, cloud sync and more..) Download PRO version here.

Demo Video


It feels great to see iPhone apps listed on iTunes from the same town I belong to, especially when the app is a handful reference.

Most of the times, production set-ups where Pro Tools is used don’t have Internet connectivity due to various reasons and utility apps like this can be extremely useful in such cases.

I am sure Pro Tools users definitely would love to have this app on their devices. I hope PTShortcut makers will bring this utility on Android very soon.

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