ESRA: Siri Alternative for older iPhone, iPod & iPad

ESRA is a Siri alternative coming for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod and iPad running jailbroken iOS 5. As I write this post – this tweak is being uploaded on the Bigboss repo.

ESRA is developed by Guillermo Moran and is actively updating it on-the-go. It may have several issues to begin with depending upon various factors including server load, libraries etc.

This is a good start and Siri alternatives will start coming-in on Cydia. I am sure developers are already working on it since its one the hot-selling feature of smartphones these days.

You can read more about Siriย alternativesย here for Android and Microsoft Tellme.

About ESRA (A Siri alternative for iPhone 3GS / iPhone 4)

I didn’t find this name very interesting although it means – Experimental Speech Response Application (E.S.R.A)

Ever wanted to try Siri on your older devices? Well the wait is over (maybe). Introducing ESRA, the feature-packed Siri-like personal assistant, or more like a "friend"
ESRA connects to a remote server to retrieve responses based on the command sent to our server, whether the command is typed, or SPOKEN! Yes, I said spoken.
ESRA gives you a whole new personal assistant to talk to, and because it retrieves responses from a remote server, new commands are added almost daily! So you will never get bored with ESRA!
Features: Voice Recognition, Speech, Text-To-Speech, Siri-like User Interface and more!


ESRA: Siri Alternative for older iPhone, iPod & iPad

ESRA: Siri Alternative for older iPhone, iPod & iPad

System Requirement & Download

ESRA works only on JAILBROKEN iOS 5 devices and is available through Bigboss repo on Cydia. You can also download .Deb file here.

PS: You cannot install it on iOS 4.x

Update #1

The developer’s server is capable of handling 200,000 requests at a time. How well can it work to replace Siri, is something I am looking forward to. You can follow him on Twitter @fr0st

Update #2

HUGE requests through this tweak is causing server issues at ESRA. Hope things should be all fine in some time.

Update #3

As told by @2Sn0wy (ESRA developer) that, itsย now updated with various features including Google search, Text messaging, Weather & Time information etc.

It has also fixed server bandwidth issue and @fr0st is working hard on further optimization and adding new features. He asked to be patient while ESRA is still in BETA stage and expect more updates on regular basis. Stay tuned…

Update #4

There is another jailbreak tweak called H1Siri which has ported original Siri on iPhone 4 and iPod touch but many people are experience issues with it. Some of them also had to restore their devices. I am purposely writing it here as WARNING! Do not install H1Siri as of now. Lets wait for some time as it is buggy at the moment.

Update #5

@VintageSucks has uploaded aย Siri Theme for Esra on ModMyi repo. You can download from Cydia & then activate it via Winterboard to make Esra look lie Siri ๐Ÿ˜›

Kudos to the ESRA team ๐Ÿ™‚

Did you try it? How’s it? Let me know through comments… ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. I am one of the ESRA developers. A new update has been released today that adds google searching. It also eliminates the server bandwith problems. Give it a try.

    • @matthewevans I think it will get better as it progresses… I am not saying this is THE ONE, we might see even more such apps developed. lets watch & see how it gets there… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • @SumeetPrasad there is a website address mentioned on twitter page. seems like there is an issue with the server load due to HUGE requests.. ๐Ÿ˜›


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