Downloading & updating apps on iOS 7 is definitely muck sleeker than earlier versions. Life became easier when Apple finally decided to integrate Smart App Updates on the new iOS 7. However, with this new UI, Apple decided to not include any detailed information such as exact download size, time required to download, making it tricky to visualize an ETA – Estimated Time of Arrival – during first-time app installations or updates.

We can use the app while its updating in the background & not worry about the time left it to finish up, but, I did feel the need to know the total time required or, to know how much download size is remaining or, how much is downloaded so far, especially for gaming apps with 100MB+ size.

AppETA, a new jailbreak tweak designed for iOS 7 made lives further easier. It lets us see the exact download progress during apps update. I decided to buy it & write about it. It’s just what I was looking for after jailbreaking iOS 7.0.4 with evasi0n tool.

AppETA Features

This tweak offers several features that you would like to be able to customize iOS 7 app downloads progress animation, change colors, show file size & etc.

  • You can choose between different styles for download progress.
  • The new feature is customizing app download progress
  • Double tapping on the app icon brings up a pop-up showing more detailed information about the update.
  • Colors for the pop-up & progress bars can be configured under settings
  • Combine iOS 6 style simple download progress bar with iOS 7 style overlay UI
  • Choose between download percentage text and size remaining text overlay for app icons during download.
  • Alarm ETA option shows text info on estimated time remaining, just like how it shows on Android Play Store updates.




Download AppETA

Developed by Smartix, AppETA is available on Cydia through the BigBoss Repo. It’s a paid jailbreak tweak with a price tag of only $0.99. While this is not a must for everyone but; people like me who usually download large-size games & keep them updated on a regular basis, should definitely get this tweak installed on their iOS 7 device.

There are still some bugs & improvements that need to be fixed, but this tweak is very neat & useful.

AppETA Demo Video

I decided to make a run-down video showing its settings, configuration & app download progress demo.

Hope this helps. If you have any questions, do share through the comments below.


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