Get Indian TV Programme Guide on iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android for Free!

I always wanted something like this on my mobile phone. It’s such a convenient way to get entire TV programme schedule on a handy device instead of switching on the TV set and keep browsing on a slow, sluggish guides available on set-top boxes.

TechJini Solutions Pvt Ltd / JiniLabs – a Bangalore based company has released an excellent app called India TV Guide (ITVG) for Android and iOS devices for Free and it works like charm.

We must set our calendar to Gregorian if using iOS 4 on higher to get this app working. In most cases, there is no need to do this step unless you have changed the calendar settings which are under Settings> General> International> Calender> Choose Gregorian Calender.

The USPs of this app are:

  • It is lightweight and nicely designed (especially on iOS)
  • Hence it works fast even on GPRS connection
  • We can create a list of favorite channels which helps get quick info
  • We can create alerts for specific programme & it delivers the alert 5 minutes before the programme begin
  • No Internet required and can be viewed offline once the data is updated.
  • And post it on Facebook and Twitter so that we can tell them what we’re watching or what we don’t want them to miss

What is India TV Guide?

Application requires Gregorian calendar to be set on devices running iOS 4.0 and later.

  • Schedule of around 180 channels including listings for the next three days (will make it 7 days soon)
  • Group channels as Favorites for an instant snapshot of what is currently running on them.
  • Set reminders
  • Easy integration with calender
  • Search feature to look for a programme or a channel
  • You can post to Twitter to let your friends know that you are watching a particular programme or not to miss a programme
  • No ads
  • Works offline, no internet connection required to check schedule. Internet is only required for data refresh


Get Indian TV Programme Guide on iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android for Free!

Get Indian TV Programme Guide on iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android for Free!

Download Links

India TV Guide is available for iPhone, iPod, iPad running iOS 3.2 and higher on iTunes AppStore here

Android users can get this app from Android Market here.


This is exactly the same app you need on a smart phone if you don’t want to miss on any Football action, movies, cricket or a discovery programme. Well organized with useful features and most importantly – it is one of those few apps which give India specific information that is updated regularly.

Cheers 🙂


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