iPhone 5: Pre-order begins this week, Launch and Delivery in October?

As we all know Apple holds an event in September to announce new product line especially iPhone and iPods. Apple did successfully launched new iPhone and iPod models each previous year.

This years event is probably the most anticipated among all, due to announcement of iOS 5 with 200+ new features that will completely change the way we used our iPhone and of course exciting to see iPhone 5. There had been plenty of rumors about the new iPhone version.

Every iPhone fan is having a pair of thirsty eyes to see the new Apple baby and I am not an exception here. 🙂

According to post by Jason D. O’Grady on ZDNet – the so called ‘Coming this Fall’ event that Apple mentioned everywhere for iOS 5 on their website should take place on September 7, 2011 in the US which means we can assume it would be release date for the new OS version and launch date for iPhone 5 that will ship by early October 2011.

Reportedly, these dates are mentioned on a blog KODAWARISAN by a Japanese Blogger Mitsunobu Tanaka.

I am just hoping that this report is true because I cannot wait to have iOS 5 on my iPhone and eagerly waiting to see if the iPhone 5 is really going to compete with all these new super-fast Android devices or not.

Now, every day will seem longer than usual to me 🙂

What about you?


Today is September 7 and there is no bug-free iOS 5 yet available. There is nothing happening on this front. But according to leaked reports, this event should take place sometime in September. Read here for details



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