I posted a little lengthy process of testing Android on PC with Live CD but then BlueStacks website was not active and only had a splash screen. It is still not available for download because their alpha version is releasing in July August 2011. Since they have some information on-board I thought its good time to share with you too.

Meanwhile, let me finish with this post and be patient! 🙂

Why BlueStacks is a better option?

Android is getting popular by every passing day because of its features & it being open source. Apps, tools are being developed specifically keeping Android in mind. It then becomes confusing for a person or a company to choose to buy an Android tablet or keep running with existing Windows systems.

Buying new Android tablets are going to be expensive venture for both single user or the company for its users.

BlueStacks enables the work force to start using Android apps and eliminates the need to provide a new Android tablet in addition to the standard issue Windows PC. Android application “apk” can be easily converted into a standard “msi” package and then distributed and managed with Microsoft Systems Center and Citrix Receiver.

BlueStacks can be installed and run on any hardware platform in as quick as 5 minutes.

BlueStacks Multi-OS: Easy to use Android Apps on Windows PC

What is BlueStacks?

At the heart of BlueStacks is a multi-OS runtime with breakthrough virtualization technology. Apps developed for different operating systems can execute simultaneously, side-by-side, on the same computer.

• Android on Windows (for x86):
Run Android on Window simultaneously and seamlessly with the current release of BlueStacks

• Android on Windows (for ARM):
Run Android on Windows on ARM architectures starting with the Windows 8 release

• Android on Chrome OS (for x86):
Run Android apps in a browser tab to augment the app experience in Chrome OS

• Windows on Android (for x86):
Run Windows on Android, boot into Android for faster startup and longer battery life.

BlueStacks Features

BlueStacks has great features for all including an individual, PC manufacturers and IT companies.

  • Dual OS: We can run Windows and Android simultaneously without a need to reboot the computer. Switching between OS is a matter of 1 sec.
  • Run Any App: We can run Windows applications or Android App at the same time.
  • Data Sharing: It’s easy to share data, photos or videos between Android and Windows
  • Updates: Automatic Android updates via over-the-air updates
  • External Monitor: We can easily dock either Android or Windows on external monitor
  • Accessories: It is possible to use 3rd party accessories like USB cameras, printers or scanners
  • App market: Download and install apps from Amazon app market or any other Android app market
  • Partition: No need to create partitions. It automatically adjusts the disk allocation
  • Codecs: It can share codec subsystem between Android & Windows

BlueStacks App Player Demo Video

BlueStacks on Windows 8


We do not need another Virtual machines like VMware to run this.


BlueStacks Alpha version is all set to release anytime now. You can sign-up to become alpha tester by visiting BlueStacks Website.

Update #2

Alpha version is now available. Download BlueStacks now. Unfortunately, Windows XP is not supported at the moment and you will get an error ‘BlueStacks installation has finished prematurely’. 

Update #3

Windows XP is supported with XP Service Pack 3.

Update #4: BlueStacks for Mac

BlueStacks Android App player for Mac is now available for download here. After waiting for more than a year – now you can run your favorite Android Apps and Games on your favorite Mac as well. Cool, eh? 🙂


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