Axis Bank recently released its most needed app for mobile platforms including iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and java enabled phones. I was eagerly waiting for this because SBI and ICICI banks have their mobile banking apps since long time now. I wonder why Axis Bank took so long!

Just like shopping and social networking – banking on mobile is very essential these days. Having able to do many banking related operations on-the-go, is a need of the time.

Here, I am quickly running you through on how to use Axis Bank Mobile App on iPhone. Application screens may vary depending upon your mobile handset. Similar way you can also use this new Axis Bank mobile app on Android.

Important Update: New Axis Bank App

Axis Bank has released a newly designed app for both iPhone and Android platform. These new changes are good however, there is a slight change in how we use Axis Bank on mobiles. Please note these points before you read ahead.

  • New app allows Axis Mobile registrations using two methods: iConnect Login & Debit Card (like earlier version)
  • Entire Axis Bank account now syncs completely with mobile unlike earlier versions. Now it shows all registered payee, recharges etc from your regular iConnect account.
  • Includes quick glance of current balance on top of the screen.
  • And has LOGOUT link on right-top corner to make sure you’re logged out.

I will be updating more details soon. If you have any questions – feel free to comment below.

PS:  It is recommended to uninstall all older versions & use the newer one.

How to download Axis Mobile?

The app is free and can be downloaded from:

  • iPhone: Download it from iTunes App Store
  • Android: Download it from Google App Store
  • BlackBerry & J2ME devices: Send SMS as: MBANK and send it to 5676782. Then, you shall receive a download link depending upon your handset type automatically.

Of course, you will require active Internet connection to be able to download the app.

How to use Axis Mobile app?

After you install this app – open it and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 1: Enter mobile number to receive OTAC

Axis Mobile will prompt you to enter mobile number to receive One Time Activation Code (OTAC). Here, you should enter your mobile number without country code +91. Refer images below.

How to use Axis Bank Mobile app on iPhone

Step 2: Enter OTAC code

You shall receive one SMS from Axis Bank with the OTAC mentioned above. It will be a six digit code needed to start using Axis Mobile.

Copy or write than number on paper so that we can use it in next steps

How to use Axis Bank Mobile app on iPhone

Step 3: Create mPIN

On next screen – its time to create a mPIN. So, what is mPIN?
mPIN is like a password to get access to this app on your mobile. It has to be a six digit code (not ATM pin code). Create a mPIN that you can remember easily.

The Axis Mobile app expires its session after every few minutes of inactivity, even though your app is running in foreground. Which means, every time the session expires – you will have to type this mPIN to access the app.

How to use Axis Bank Mobile app on iPhone

Step 4: Enter OTAC code

On this next screen – enter the OTAC code you received via SMS from the bank. (or paste it). The app will authenticate OTAC with your previous request and grant you the permission to the main banking app.

How to use Axis Bank Mobile app on iPhone

How to add a bank account in Axis Mobile?

From the main app screen – tap on Manage account and then Add Account.

Insert your full account number and type a nickname for this account. For example, if its your savings account – use something like AXSVG1. So that – we can identify these accounts later.

How to use Axis Bank Mobile app on iPhone

How to activate added account?

To activate this account in the app, you will have to give debit card details associated with that account along with ATM pin code.

How to use Axis Bank Mobile app on iPhone

After the authentication – you’re ready to use this app.

Please Note: Axis Mobile app is not supported for current accounts – even if you have received a debit card for it.

What Banking operation can we do through this app?

There are several things you can do with this app and for mobile – its pretty good. Here are the main menus and list of functions

Manage Account

  • Add Account: Add as many savings accounts you want
  • Activate Account: Activate added accounts
  • View Active Accounts
  • Restore Bank Accounts
  • Edit Account
  • Deactivate Account


  • Balance Enquiry
  • Mini Statement: Shows only five recent transactions. It should be 10 or 20 at least. Also, there are absolutely no details. It should have some information about those transactions.
  • Fund Transfer: Axis to Axis, or to other bank accounts.

Bill Payments

  • Pay Bills
  • Register Biller
  • View Registered Billers
  • Remove Biller


  • Prepaid Mobile Recharge: Can recharge any mobile phone on-the-go.


  • Restore Axis Mobile: Choose this if you want to restore this app to its default installation settings.
  • Change mPIN: Change password for accessing this app
  • Transaction History: A list of transactions made from Axis Mobile
  • Verify GPRS connectivity: This is interesting feature. Many times – banking transactions are stuck due to no connectivity. From this menu, you can detect if the Internet is running as required or not. However, This should be verify Internet connectivity instead of just GPRS because, people use 3G and WiFi Internet as well 🙂
  • De-register Axis Mobile: From this menu, you can de-register Axis mobile completely.
  • Refer a Friend: Tell others about this app
  • About Axis Mobile


Axis Bank mobile application works nice & smooth. Communication between the app and Bank’s server was really quick. Also, session time-outs are very important for security purpose because sometimes we tend to leave our mobile phone at desks and roam around! Don’t we? 🙂

Overall, I am happy to have this app on my iPhone and Android phone. But, Axis Mobile is not available for Android Honeycomb tablets. So, if you try to search from these tablets, you won’t find it on Google Play Store.

Enjoy mobile banking and let me know if you have any questions. I will try my best to answer them at my best knowledge. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Or for more detailed information visit Axis Mobile or call on toll-free numbers: 1800 233 5577 |
1800 209 5577 | 1800 103 5577

Update: December 18, 2013 — Axis Bank mobile app now supports iPad

Axis Bank released another update today for iOS devices and the newest 1.2 version of 2nd generation app, now supports iPad too. So, you can go ahead and configure Axis Bank mobile banking on your iPad. Let us know if you have any questions & I might come handy. hehe. Good luck.


    • Adding multiple accounts was possible with older version of Axis Bank app, however they seems to have shifted to newer version & only certain Account Holders (depending upon their higher schemes) are allowed to add more accounts, both Current Accounts & Savings Accounts.

  1. how to identify to whom we recharged via axis mobile ? or how to identify the each and every transactions in axis mobile if we missed to mark?

  2. Funds transfer is not working when i am using a not registered Sim in my mobile.. how to use my Funds transfer with different mobile number..

    • You might need to re-register & activate app again. There could be some security measures.

      However, it works fine on iPhone even without the SIM card. Which phone are you using?

      • I am using Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562. But Balance enquiry, ministatement all are working only funds transfer is not working..

        • Weird. Did u recently update the app to newer version without removing earlier version? If yes, uninstall completely and re-do again. See if this fixes the issue. Or else, you might need to talk to Axis Customer Care.


    • If you’ve upgraded each & every app update & directly updating to latest from the very first then there is an issue.

      Uninstall existing Axis Bank app, reboot your phone & then install the app. Start from scratch & it should work fine. Hope this helps.

  4. I have been trying to get this app working for me for a few days now but I am stuck at a point and I am wondering whether you have heard/seen this problem. So, after I “add” my account, when I try to “validate” my account, I cannot reach the step where I can enter my debit card details. Instead, the busy indicator spins for a while and then I am given a message which says something like “could not validate the account. if the error persists, then contact customer care”.
    I have a unique situation where I am trying to use this app on my iPhone and I am based in USA. Since I don’t have a phone number in India to receive my OTAC, I used my elder brother’s mobile number who is based in India. So the OTAC is sent to his mobile number – he tells me the OTAC number – I enter it in my app. Can this problem happen due to this?
    On second thoughts, my situation might not be that unique, since this app can be installed on a iPod Touch also. Since the iPod Touch user will not have a mobile number, he will have to do something similar to what I am doing to get this app working.
    Any thoughts?

    •  @ArnabTalukdar hey. i think the app won’t work outside INDIA at the moment. atleast not for validation due to security issues. you can use this app once the account is validated within India & then if you’re travelling in US. 


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