Impact of Technology on Logistics

Logistics has always been a large market with many new businesses coming up all the time. Even so, it is expected to grow even bigger in the future. This growth is considered as a result of growing technology which has impacted businesses in so many ways. In this post, we will see why the logistics market is expanding globally and the role technology plays in this continued growth.


Once upon a time, the news of truck drivers and delivery boys getting lost was very common and not a big deal. But it is not so anymore. Nowadays, it is unheard of and very rare. This is mainly due to advances in technology like GPS systems and advanced navigation systems.

With the internet helping in everything, the rise of online navigation tools and driver applications means that operators can work more accurately and productively than ever before. Services like the CartonCloud transportation management system makes the process even smoother for your business. GPS is an integral part of your logistics and is unavoidable if you want to run your business smoothly.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is the next big thing that has impacted a lot of areas of our lives and business, including logistics. It has made everything simpler and transparent. You can now store huge amounts of data in the cloud without a lot of work and also access it as and when you want it with ease. You can process the data in the cloud, store it structurally and search it easily. Cloud computing has made supply chain systems and processes around the world a whole lot smoother.

It helps supply chain industries make better decisions by allowing them to analyze the data using modern analytic tools which is one of the powerful features of cloud computing. It helps speed up logistics as well as enhance the efficiency and accuracy of the flow of products through the supply chain. With more start-ups popping up to support the market, the popularity of this technology is only expected to grow in the coming years. 

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is revolutionalizing many aspects of the modern-day businesses, and logistics is no different. AI is being used extensively for locating and tracking inventory as well as looking after key logistics distribution systems. AI technologies like chatbots and predictive platforms are used to predict hot zones for businesses and to figure out the best route for delivery by analyzing the traffic trends and other factors that occurred previously.

Without a doubt, artificial intelligence technologies are making a huge impact on global supply chain practices, advancing company processes and systems, thus helping businesses save vast amounts of money and increasing their productivity.

Final thoughts

It is very obvious that artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and navigation are supporting the rapid growth and expansion of the logistics industry. Only a few important and very obvious technologies have been discussed in this post. There are plenty of other technologies that are being extensively used by a lot of businesses to handle their logistics as well as other aspects of their businesses.

Companies that take advantage of these technologies will thrive in the coming years. Hopefully, there will be greater collaboration between logistics startups and larger, more established supply chain companies in the future, conceivably producing better outcomes for the industry as a whole.