iOS 10 New Features & Changes

Apple announced today at the WWDC 2016 the yet another biggest release of the iOS 10. It includes way too many new features, little tweaks & enhancements along with a lot more new core iOS SDKs available for the developers to build apps around those APIs.

Once of the key point Apple highlighted during this event is about the Privacy and how the company is seriously working in favor of the consumers than any other technology company.

All the transcription is end-to-end encrypted while all the new intelligence analysis is done on-device & does not go up on the server. Apple also claimed that they do not do the user profiling and only allow certain data for collection through differential privacy.

The iOS 10 beta to be available in July 2016 & public release will happen (most-likely) in September alongside iPhone 7 launch.

Let’s look at the iOS 10’s new list of features

iOS 10 New Features

User Experience:

  • Redesigned lock-screen
  • Rich Notifications
  • Raise the phone to wake up the screen
  • Interactive 3D Touch notifications
  • Quick reply with full conversation on lock-screen
  • Interactive map on the lockscreen — like tracking Uber ride.
  • Clear All notifications from lockscreen
  • Control Center redesigned
  • New music controls on Control Center
  • Slide right to Camera
  • Slide left for Widgets — not just in Notification center
  • 3D Touch an app icon to see interactive widget details without opening the app
  • One click to pin respective app widgets to the lockscreen Today section
  • Classic “Slide To Unlock” slider is removed. You can still slide & unlock the device or use TouchID or password to do so.
  • Ability to delete default apps.  It’ll help free up apx.  150mb of space (though the full iOS 10 functionality may not be smoother). Here is a complete list of deletable apps
  • Very space efficient default apps occupying lesser space
  • New app & folder animation
  • Flashlight has three intensity options; Low; Medium & High. These’re also available as 3D touch context menu.
  • Alert when connected to Unsecured Network


  • Open SiriKit SDK for developers to code their apps. Such as WeChat or WhatsApp can use direct Messaging API. Uber can use Siri to book rides
  • Siri Messaging includes Photo Search, Ride Booking, Workouts, Payments, VoIP Calling, CarPlay Apps


  • Siri Intelligence in keyboard
  • Intelligent learning for faster keyboard predictions through deep analysis
  • Fast send contact information, current location in through text prediction
  • Intelligent scheduling picked up from conversation to add calendar events
  • Lookup information
  • Multilingual typing within QuickType keyboard such as typing in two languages in single conversation
  • Tapping sound on Keyboard is different than earlier.


  • Bedtime Alarm & Wake Alarm: Set both to ensure healthy sleep, everyday
  • Stopwatch: It has a new dark UI with new dial design


  • Advanced face recognition
  • Advanced object & scene detection
  • Memories – Advanced algo to see photos like Google Photos
  • New intuitive UI for better photo browsing experience
  • Live Photos editing
  • Live Photos stabilization – just like how how Google’s Motion Stills work. Hopefully it does even better.
  • Shoot RAW photos (Most likely from iPhone 7 and above)
  • Edit RAW photos (Source)


  • All new maps design
  • Proactive Apple Maps with suggestions based on prediction analysis or calendar events
  • Easy filters to change desired places on map. Filter from all restaurants to Sea Food restaurants in one tap
  • Dynamic View with traffic conditions
  • Quick controls for route details
  • Carplay turn-by-turn navigation available on Car’s instrument cluster
  • Maps SDK open for Developers: Book a Uber ride, pay using ApplePay all without leaving the Maps app
  • Automatically remembers & reminds about your car’s parking location. That one is awesome if you decide to use Apple Maps.


  • All new design for Music app. Much needed that one.
  • Now playing screen redesigned too
  • Phone library is the main focus along with playlists, downloaded & recently added.
  • Lyrics available on Now Playing screen
  • For You: Section to offer & discover more artists & songs based on library
  • Directly connect with the artists’ social accounts to follow their updates
  • Music does not stop when you open Camera app (But, it does when you go in Video mode)

Apple News

  • 2000 and more news publishers
  • All new design for the app
  • Clear sections for ease of use, such as: Top news, Trending news and favorite Topics
  • New topics based on reading history
  • Subscriptions: You can subscribe & read your favorite newspapers, magazines
  • Breaking news notifications


  • Home – new app with homekit framework
  • Shows all accessories into one screen
  • Easy controls to perform tasks on all appliances at once.
  • Siri can control all appliances just by saying Good Morning or Open Garage
  • Front door camera notification with camera feed on lockscreen
  • Serve on Apple TV & access appliances when not at home
  • Geofencing capabilities to auto open garage door when you reach home & more.
  • Quick templates to quickly operate all appliances at once.


  • Voicemail Transcription without listening to the voicemails
  • Extension API — can mark numbes to show possible scam
  • VoIP API: more intuitive incoming calls from any VoIP apps
  • Contact card is enhanced with quick buttons
  • VoIP with cisco for enterprise calling

Messages App

  • Rich links like WhatsApp when shared on messages
  • Inline video player on conversation
  • Inline camera preview
  • Inline slide of gallery to attach
  • Emoji are now 3 times bigger on transcript
  • Emoji prediction
  • Scans emojifyable text to quickly adding emojis
  • Bubble Effects such as Loud, Surprise and scratch to reveal. Long press the send button
  • Handwriting Bubbles with handwriting font
  • Enhanced Draw and send
  • Digital Touch to revive conversation – send heartbeats
  • Full-screen effects
  • Inline music player for music files
  • iMessage apps API open for developers
  • Pay someone directly through the Messages app
  • iMessage: read receipts for individual conversations (Thanks to Christopher for the input)


  • Notes Collaboration: More people can work together on same Note


  • Conversation View on Mail
  • Auto detects mailing list and asks if you want to unsubscribe, if hit yes sends email to mailing list asking to remove you (Thanks to Christopher)
  • Unsubscribe from mailing list gets a dedicated button & a notice saying ” This email is from the mailing list & do you want to unsubscribe? (from it)”


  • Split View in safari on iPad – see two websites side by side


  • Optimize storage: An option to automatically remove songs that were never played to make more space on the phone, when available space is low.


Swift Playground app

Start coding and playing using Swift on the iPad using Swift Playground app. Comes with custom content & lessons.

These are some of the features Apple announced today. I’ll keep the list updated as we progress towards public release.

I’m liking the way Apple is moving ahead, it’s going slowly but none the less, we can do even more with iPhone now – so not complaining.

What do you think?  Have something to add to the iOS 10 features or changes list, please buzz me in comments section below.


  1. Hello Tushar!!

    It’s that time of year again, and on again thanks for starting this list, I can’t wait until we can find all the changes!!

    Hope all is well with you, good to see you again!

  2. iMessage: read receipts for individual conversations
    Mail: Auto detects mailing list and asks if you want to unsubscribe, if hit yes sends email to mailing list asking to remove you


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