Finally, I decided to upgrade my iPhone OS from 4.2.1 to 4.3.3. All thanks to Dev-Team members and Sn0wbreeze to make possible the installation, untethered jailbreak using Greenp0ison. And of course to @MuscleNerd for Ultrasn0w unlock update.

I used Redsn0w to change my iPhone baseband to iPad baseband 6.15.00 so that I could use Ultrasn0w to unlock iOS 4.1 which was the most difficult version to breakthrough that time & process was little difficult as well. Later, I wanted to preserve this baseband of 6.15.00 on my iPhone (Remember: This is not the usual iPhone baseband at all.) when I wanted to upgrade to 4.2.1 which was successful at the end by using Sn0wbreeze.

Similarly, I selected Sn0wbreeze (A Custom IPSW Creator for 4.2.8/4.3.3) because I found it easy to use on Windows. This is a long post with lots of images to give clearer view of the process.

Please ask before proceeding if you’re unsure

I am writing a step-by-step guide here to Install, Jailbreak and unlock iPhone 4.3.3. You may choose to jailbreak iPod Touch, iPad with the same method except leaving the options that are only available to locked iPhones. You should jailbreak factory unlocked iPhone with Redsn0w

UPDATE: Before you begin

The newer version of iTunes (after 10.2.2) is not allowing people to install 4.3.3 because there are higher version of iOS now available. This is irrespective of whether you have changed 3GS baseband to 06.15 or not for ultrasn0w unlock.

You would need to uninstall iTunes 10.4 or later and clean install iTunes 10.2.2 to be able to install custom 4.3.3 IPSW and get rid of 3194 error.

Also make sure your ‘hosts’ file has the following       localhost

Download iTunes 10.2.2 here (77.13 MB)

It will NOT WORK if

You have 3GS which is built after 35th week of 2011 and if iPhone’s serial number starts with xx135

Step 1: Collecting essentials

1.1] Select and Download required 4.3.3 OS stock firmware file from this download page OR new source here . [If you’re on iPhone 3GS then you should choose ‘iPhone 3G S (4.3.3/8J2)’]

1.2] Download & install Sn0wbreeze 2.7 from this page

iOS 4.3.3: Install, Unthethered Jailbreak, Unlock with Sn0wbreeze

* Sn0wbreeze requires .NET Framework installed on Windows computer. Click here to download if you do not already have it.

1.3] Download and install iTunes 10.2.2 (This is a must because it supports 4.3.3)

1.4] Take backup of iPhone data with iTunes.

1.5] If you have a jailbroken phone & Cydia apps installed on it then use AptBackup package from Cydia to backup application list.

Step 2: Open Sn0wbreeze

We can (and must) create a custom jailbroken firmware for the specific device from the IPSW file we downloaded from above step. This is an essential process and made simple by Sn0wbreeze.

Click ‘OK‘ and then click on blue button until it shows you Sn0wbreeze version & welcome message.

Step 3: Provide IPSW to Sn0wbreeze

In this step, we are going to feed Sn0wbreeze with the stock IPSW we downloaded above. Click ‘Browse’ to locate and select the IPSW file. In this process, Sn0wbreeze will validate the selected IPSW and detect the device it is meant for.

Step 4: Confirm detected IPSW & Bootrom

Once IPSW is scanned, it will show you the device and will prompt to select bootrom version. Just select “New-Bootrom/Don’t know” and click next to continue.

Step 5: Preparing custom IPSW and settings

Here, we are going to configure the custom firmware or custom IPSW which we’re going to use on our phone. There are few settings needs to be checked here. Sn0wbreeze will prompt to choose 3 modes to continue. Details of each mode can be read by hovering the mouse on these options. We’re going to select “Expert Mode” (Aren’t we experts already? :)) and click continue.

Now, on the next screen we will see few options like, General, Unlocks, Custom Boot Logos, Custom Package and Build IPSW. Each of these menus have different settings to choose but we are only going to use “General”. Select it and click continue.

Now, we are on “General” settings page. See the image and check those options. We do not need SSH & battery percentage. Also keep the default values for the root partition size. Click continue.

Next screen will show a list of Cydia repositories. Skip this to avoid any confusion. We can always do it later. Then another screen will prompt for an option of installing iPad baseband 06.15.00 for iPhone 3GS. This is important if you want to unlock 3GS with Ultrasn0w and you’re on 05.14.02 firmware with 06.02 bootrom or higher.

If you’re already on 06.15.00 or older bootroms then ignore this and click continue.(If you’re unsure or getting confused with this step then reply to this post & I will reply back)

Step 6: Baking custom IPSW

Continued from earlier step – Sn0wbreeze will now create a custom IPSW for us. Wait until it finishes creating it. Once completed it will show us the “Done” screen.

Step 7: Put iPhone in DFU mode

To install custom firmware on iPhone, we must put it in DFU mode first. This step if could not be achieved then re-do it by disconnecting the cable and putting back again & repeat the process mentioned here. These will be shown on Sn0wbreeze screen as well.

1] Power Off iPhone
2] Press Home + Power button together for 5 seconds (watch for on-screen countdown)
3] Release Power button and keep holding the Home button until you see “Found New Hardware” [DFU mode] prompt. See image below.

4] It will show you once the iPhone is successfully enters in to DFU mode. Click “Okay” & then exit Sn0wbreeze,

Step 8: Almost there

Open iTunes while iPhone is still connected. Click OK to “iTunes has detected an iPhone in a recovery mode. You must restore….”

We need to install custom firmware on iPhone which we just cooked in earlier steps. Click SHIFT + RESTORE to select our custom firmware. Sn0wbreeze – by default – saves custom cooked firmware on Windows desktop.

Step 9: Be patient

Wait patiently while iTunes validates installing (restoring) new firmware on iPhone. It will prompt and restart iPhone to complete. We should see Sn0wbreeze logo on iPhone while it installs our custom firmware.

Step 10: Done. Restore iPhone backup

Now, iPhone is ready with new OS version 4.3.3 on it. All we have to do is, restore iPhone backup we created before Step 2 above. iTunes should take about 20 mins to finish restoring data.

We’re done.

Step 11: Unlock iPhone

We have Cydia installed on our new iPhone 4.3.3 with default repositories including Ultrasn0w ( Install Ultrasn0w 1.2.3 to unlock iPhone.


This is a quick, basic video I have just for a quick reference. (I need to work a lot on video)


If these steps are confusing then please feel free to buzz me via comments below. Also let me know if it worked for you.

Update: Latest guide on iOS 5.1.1

I have updated a guide for upgrading iPhone 3GS to iOS 5.1.1 here

(This guide is for illustration purpose only. Do not use this guide if you’re unsure about what you’re doing. Updating modem firmware will void any warranties on your phone)


  1. Hello Tushar,
    I followed all your steps as mentioned but got stuck at a point where itunes is not detecting my phone in DFU mode. It says ” iphone software update server could not be contacted”


    • Thats because Apple is no more activating 4.3.3 from their server, You need to modify HOSTS file where is forwarded to Cydia server. See above instructions.

      Also – You MUST need SHSH blobs saved for your device on 4.3.3, if you don’t have them – there is no way now for you to install this OS.

      However, you may try iOS 6.1.2. if you want, I can help you with that.

      Let me know

      • Thanks a ton for your quick response. Yes you were right that apple does not verify the upgrade for 4.3.3

        Yes I would need your help to install ios 6.1.2 with untheatered jailbreak if possible.

        My iphone details
        model 3gs

        ios: 4.2.1 already jailbroken with greenpoison having baseband 6.15

        Will the 6.1.2 ios make my iphone 3gs slow? or it should be fine? or is there any other ios version lesser than 6.1.2 which would work better.

        awaiting your response. ( the only reason i wanna do this is because i cannot use Whatsapp with my current config. I need to get above 4.2.1 🙁


  2. Hi. Iphone 4 ios 4.1 bb-01.59.00 unlocked and jailbroken today i tried upgrade it to ios 4.3.3 with snowbreeze as described in your tutorial after doing everything accordingly in pwnd dfu mode clicked ok to open itunes to restore custom ipsw i got this message in itunes ( itunes could not contact iphone software server because you are not connected to internet please try later ).
    And interestingly my net was working good so please help me what could be the reason as i tried many times but same happening .
    :- windows xp
    :- iTunes 10.2.2
    :- snowbreeze 2.7.3
    No antivirus installed, firewall disabled.

  3. Iphone 3GS Version 4.2.1 BB: 6.15.00

    I had 3194 error which I got fixed by installing & running the Tiny Umbrella… Then I had 1600 error which I fixed by putting the Iphone into pwned DFU mode using IREB4 before connecting to Itunes for Restore…

    Itunes says restore is completed and allow your phone to restart after restoring to custom Iphone IPSW (4.3.3) created using Snowbreeze… But, the phone gets stuck in Recovery loop…

    any solutions???

    Thanks again…

  4. @TechZoomOrg Hi, I installed fresh piece iTunes There are no chances of previous updated versions since I recently formatted my laptop and installed iTunes for the first time. I changed hosts file as it was said. I still get 3194 error. May be I am not using the correct ipsw. The links which you have given for the iOS4.3.3 ipsw download doesnt work for me. In the first link, I didn’t find 4.3.3(8J2) and in the second link, I downloaded and I got so many files and didnt find ipsw file anyways, For your information, I am using Windows Ultimate x64 and I have downloaded iTunes x64 version. I m using snowbreeze 2.7.1 which is of 37MB and not 25MB. It would be great if you could provide me the correct link for ipsw download and guide me in updating my iPhone to 4.3.3. Currently my iPhone has 4.2.1 with 6.0.15 baseband. Please Help.

    • ultrasn0w unlock solution for 6.15.00 BB Hi those who are stuck on locked/ibricked iphone 3gs with 6.15.00 BB,The Solution for ultrasn0w unlock problem in 6.15.00 BB 3GS (new bootrom), l found is, to re-flash the BB 6.15.00.I myself, was stuck for full two days/nights facing this problem, while upgrading to innocent 4.3.3 from my iphone 3gs 4.1 fw and 6.15.00 BB (old bootrom). I checked all through the net and found this strange problem faced by many people and there is no logical answer from anyone! And also what i found that, the problem faced by the person who were previously in 6.15.00 BB and now want to do something with their iPhone.So, the issue is what ever i did i was ending the process (i.e. redsn0w, sn0wbreeze, IReb rc4, tinyumbrella, Device manager and i don’t know how many more) of jailbreaking process with corrupted 6.15.00 BB! So whatever the version of ultrasn0w i used, and what ever i did after that (modifying the root files, carrier .plist etc) i ended up as “No Service” or one bar or no carrier option in the settings.So, the sum up of the solution is:

      You need, Redsn0w, Sn0wbreeze, 4.1 IPSW stock FW

      • Step 1. Downgrade your FW to 4.1 (this worked for me) using sn0wbreeze (Unless u don’t know how to use sn0wbreeze, it’s same like redsn0w but it can customize the stock FW of 4.1 so that itunes cannot throw the 1015 error). U can use sn0wbreeze version 2.1 (which works for FW 3.2.2 to 4.1) to do this. Follow the screen intructions. One thing more, if you find problem going to DFU mode use redsn0w_win_0.9.9b9 (use the ‘extras’ > pwned DFU & can also use other version too). And if you still he itunes 1015 error use iReb to get out of this.

        Step 2.Use the redsn0w_win_0.9.6rc16 version (U can also use other version too) to install the 6.15.00 ipad BB only. This is the main step which will make your BB suitable for ultrasn0w 1.2 or above to unlock. Unmark any other option like install Cydia etc.

        Step 3Unlock with ultrasn0w 1.2 or above (whatever the method with or without wifi). Reboot the device. If the settings>carrier option enabled, u r done. Give it 3-5 minutes for the first time to search for the carrier. that’s it.

        Sorry that I have taken so much time, coz i was frustrated myself once and i don’t want to see anyone like me with 6.15.00 BB.

        Bakhtiar–From Dhaka

        • Wow @bakhtiar Thanks for updating it with your issue and solution. I will re-create the same for my phone and update this info in article. 🙂

  5. I have IPhone 3GS with IOS 4.2.1 & BB 06.15.00.. I followed your steps to upgrade from IOS 4.2.1 to IOS 4.3.3. I created the custom firmware using Snowbreeze (sn0wbreeze-v2.7.1) when I tried to restore from ITUNES i got 3194 error… I bypassed 3194 using TinyUmbrella… Now I get error 1601.. I tried creating PWND DFU using IREB4 / RedSnow redsn0w_win_0.9.6b5 but still I get 1601 error…

    any suggestions how to fix it..

    Thanks a lot..

    • @spk Completely remove existing iTunes and Apple Mobile Device support. U r most likely using the latest version and it is not supported to install 4.3.3. Read top of the page to get iTunes 10.2.2. Hope this helps 🙂

  6. I have got an atnt network lock 3gs 32gb phone 4.3.3 ver, with baseband 5.16.02 and there is no cydia in phone & i want to unlock it. Pls help me..

  7. Hi I got an iphone 4 ios 4.3.1 baseband 04.10.01, there is a way to get baseband 06.15.00 to unlock my iphone??, please help me,,


  8. hey man, i’m following your tutorial step by step. but i’m still getting the 3194 error. i have everything you’ve instructed to get including itunes 10.2.2 i think my host file isn’t correct. can you copy and paste me what your host file looks like or should look like when im doing this please. it’d help me out alot. currently i am running 4.1 ios with the iphone 3gs and i already have the baseband upgraded to 06.15. please help thanks. email me back at

    thanks again,


  9. Hi ,, i have iphone 4 running iso 4.1 BB-01.59.00 Currently jailbroken and unlocked now i want to upgrade it to ios 4.3.3 , after reading your tutorial i am confused about two points

    (1)= should i check the activate box or not (bcz i have already jailbroken and unlocked iphone 4using with unofficial carrier )

    (2)= should i take sim out of my iphone currently using or keep it inserted in while upgrading to ios 4.3. 3

    i have already downloaded ios4.3.3 ips file ,,snowbreeze 2.7.3 now just waiting for those point to be cleared so i could upgrade my iphone 4 ios 4.1 to ios 4.3.3

    kindly reply me as early as possible with warm regards


    • @Aliip4 Yes. Check Hactivate. I usually keep the SIM out. Since you’re already unlocked on that baseband – sn0wbreeze should now preserve your baseband to keep it unlockable. Should work. I used above method for 3GS

  10. Hi, The steps were clear and direct, Thanks.

    Recently, I did upgrade from 4.0 to 4.3.3, it was successful, although it didnt solve my issue.

    -My Modem Firmware is 05.13.04, how to upgrade it safely?

    -Where to find my bootrom version?

    -GPS finds my location and stops, it is not continuous, upgrade didnt solve the issue, any idea?

    • forget to mention:

      iPhone 3GS, Windows 7.

      Main reason to upgrade is GPS signal, it works for seconds then stops!! my navigation softwares are not usable any more, and wifi became weak, I should move close to wireless router to have full inconsistent signal.


      • @IamHere Did you use it to jailbreak or unlock as well? GPS breaks for the Modem Firmware 06.15.00 which is a MUST for unlocking through ultrasn0w. I never face any issues with WiFi. I have a 3GS with 06.15 done the above way.

  11. @TechZoomOrg I am having iPhone 3Gs with iOS version 4.2.1(8C148a) with baseband 06.15.00. I am planning to update my iOS to 4.3.3. Is it possible to update it and jailbreak it successfully? Current set is jailbroken using greenpoison. Is tat safe to update and jailbreak it to 4.3.3? Because I dont want my iPhone to throw in trash. My PC platform is windows 7… Is there a link to show me step by step process to update and jailbreak it? Can I update my iPhone to higher version iOS like 4.3.5 ? Please help. Thanks in advance.

    • @arvindrajv You should be able to jailbreak and unlock since you already have 06.15 baseband installed.

      I upgraded mine the same way mentioned above. Make sure you have iTunes 10.2.2 clean install on your computer & host file as described above. Shouldnt be a problem. Many people done this way. Its up to you 🙂

      I hope it works for you.

      • @TechZoomOrg Hi. Thanks for the reply.. How will I check the host file? I m getting 3194 error, when I tried restoring with snowbreeze custom ipa..

        • @arvindrajv Did you perform a clean install of iTunes 10.2.2? Open hosts file using ‘Open With..’ > Notepad from this location C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetc

        • @TechZoomOrg I uninstalled latest version of iTunes and have installed 10.2.2. Is there any other way I can do clean uninstallation?

        • @TechZoomOrg And ya I have changed my hosts file. And its like this now..

          # Copyright (c) 1993-2009 Microsoft Corp.## This is a sample HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows.## This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names. Each# entry should be kept on an individual line. The IP address should# be placed in the first column followed by the corresponding host name.# The IP address and the host name should be separated by at least one# space.## Additionally, comments (such as these) may be inserted on individual# lines or following the machine name denoted by a ‘#’ symbol.

          ## For example:

          ## # source server

          # # x client host

          # localhost name resolution is handled within DNS itself.


          # localhost

        • @arvindrajv Clean install: Remove existing software, reboot your computer, remove folders which were left-over, clean registry, reboot & then install new version or old version of the same software.

          Hope this helps

  12. Hi everyone,

    i have an iPad 2 wifi & 3gs with IOS 4.3.3 (8j2)

    i want to jail break it, i already use redsn0w0.9.6rc16, however,

    something happen upon jailbreaking after doing hold and release steps to start DFU mode ,

    by starting JB process the progress bar freeze @ exploiting lame1nr, any possible recommendation

  13. @TechZoomOrg i m having iphone 3gs with modem firmware 06.15.00 and ios 4.1(8B117),,,,,,,,,

    can i update it to 4.3.3 with the help of above guide>??????

    • @coolkush8 Yes. make sure to have iTunes 10.2.2 clean install & host file as mentioned. You cannot install 4.3.3 without 10.2.2 – latest version does not support 4.3.3 🙂

  14. hi there I have problem: after I thick to install baseband I press next then some wierd window comes up and asks me to browse some extra ‘repository files’ or sth like that, so I do not chose any and press next so it takes me back to step 5 where I have chosen ‘General’ any idea howto get rid of it? Plz help mark

    • @mark1234 Install iPad baseband 06.15 on 3GS. If sn0wbreeze is giving problem then use redsn0w for installing this baseband & then come back to sn0wbreeze and folow the steps. Dont worry about coming back to main screen. Just click next 🙂

      • well the thing is that I have ticked to install iPad baseband but since sn0wbreeze hasn’t created the file for me I can’t install on the phone. is there any other way to install baseband 06.15 on the phone ? @TechZoomOrg

        • @mark1234 Thats exactly what I said. Use redsn0w to install 06.15 baseband. complete that process first. make sure to check u hv 06.15 baseband under settings > about.

          Once that is done, use sn0wbreeze .

          Also , u must use itunes 10.2.2 and hosts file as mentioned above in post.

        • will do that and let you know what happened; tnx very much for your helpoh btw link 4 sn0wbreeze is dead@TechZoomOrg

  15. I have downloaded 4.3.3 version from a website But dont know how to update my phone through it. N have installed itunes 10.2.2 but its still not letting me download the 4.3.3 version. Plz help…. M using iphone 4…..

    • @Prabhjot which modem firmware version is your iPhone 4? is it factory unlocked or locked? are you following all the steps above?

  16. I have downloaded 4.3.3 version from a website But dont know how to update my phone through it. N have installed itunes 10.2.2 but its still not letting me download the 4.3.3 version. Plz help…….

  17. I would be happy to inform if I got through but I got the below errors

    Error 1006, 1034, 1015 & used iREB,Tiny Umbrella, Fix recovery 4.3 respectively to fix it & finally now I got error 17. I hope it is with ipsw.Am plannin to re-run the snow breeze & buils new ipsw. Will try for some more times & let u know… Thank you…

    • @Vijayan Make sure to change your hosts file settings in Windows. Make sure you have clean install of iTunes 10.2.2 and make sure you are entering the DFU mode correctly.

      buzz me what happens.

      • @TechZoomOrg

        My phone got hung up in DFU mode. I checked the /etc/host file in which the site is commented with ‘#’.Am planning to do Factory restore with ‘4.3.5’ & then to unlock. If you want to try any more before upgrading it to 4.3.5 let me know. I want to try other options before upgrading.

        • @Vijayan hung up in DFU mode! what does that mean? DFU mode is always with a blank screen.

          I would suggest not to upgrade to stock 4.3.5 . NO way! It is not unlockable at the moment.

          if you already have SHSH blobs saved for your iPhone for 4.3 or earlier – restore to those firmwares using sn0wbreeze by creating custom FWs.

          Many ppl were able to unlock using the same method including me 🙂

        • @TechZoomOrg Yup. My device is in black screen & when I tried to restore with the ipsw(sn0wbreeze_iPhone 3GS-4.3.3.ipsw) produced by Snowbreeze, am getting different errors on after another.

          Currently, my device is not usable. I do not need any info such as picture,contacts,applications etc., All I need is to have my iPhone unlocked. It’s absolutely fine if everything is fully reset. Kindly let me know if it’s possible to do that & if you require any more details.

        • @Vijayan Is your phone on 06.15 baseband already?

          Give me the detail on errors you’re getting to understand it better

        • @TechZoomOrg

          My Phone is IPhone 3GS. It’s unofficially unlocked & then upgraded to 4.3.3, which locked the phone. Cydia was already installed in that using redsnow.The bootrom is old, which was detected by Snowbreeze. I have two .ipsw created one I gave as old bootrom & one as newbootrom.

          My baseband is 5.16.00

          Now, I am trying to restore the .ipsw created by snowbreeze but unable to succeed. Am getting different errors in different run. I got all the errors (1015,1034,1006,15)Currently it’s in DFU mode. Let me know if you need any more details.

        • @Vijayan I wonder if this bootrom is really unlockable at the moment. Do you really have SHSH blobs saved on Cydia server when you previously jailbreaked it? otherwise you cannot install 4.3.3

  18. hi,

    I did all steps but got stuck @ step 10. Am getting error 1015. Your help will b highly appreciated.

    Note: I execute iREB to get rid of error 1006 & Tiny umbrella TSS is runnin to get rid of error 1034.

  19. hi TechzoomOrg,

    I do not find the OS Stock firmware for iPhone 3GS 4.3.3(8J2) while it’s specified in this page. Kindly help me to get the OS firmware for 3GS 4.3.3(8J2).

    I need to unlock my iphone 3GS.

  20. @jiwuaba No. 4.3.3 is not supported for iPhone3G. I would not recommend any 4.x iOS version for 3G because it will slow-down your phone.

  21. @TechZoomOrg mine was alittle more difficult . i had to downgrade mine from 4.3.5 to 4,3,3 and then installed 6.15 using snowbreeze. im pretty sure i did everything right. it showed up modern firmware was 6.15 and the current ispw being 4.3.3 (8J2). im trying it now with the hactivate box checked. hopefully it works..

  22. @ahlecksgee I am using 32GB 3GS. Bought from US which was locked on ATT. Brought here, installed 06.15 baseband then installed 4.2.1. After than installed 4.3.3 using above method. I am using IDEA sim.

  23. @TechZoomOrg So if the the ATT sim card is already activated and in use on another phone. Hactivate it and it will work? ok ima try it right now. hopefylly it works ! your using a 3gs with 6.15 as well ? what sim card are you using

  24. @ahlecksgee yes. ATT should work only if it was activated on it. Or else, putting that sim might need you to activate using ATT service. Not sure about it coz I am in India. Hactivate it in any case to let any sim work. isnt it 🙂

  25. @ahlecksgee of course. hactivate is important if using on un-official carrier. thats what unlocking is about. lol.

    Jokes apart, yes – hactivate the phone for custom firmware.

  26. @TechZoomOrg yes i do sir. it wouldnt matter that im using a tmobile prepair sim would it ? im just testing it with this sim. im actually doing this for my manager. but i did everything right. idk why it doesnt work

  27. @ahlecksgee I am not sure why this problem is arising while 4.3.3 with 06.15 is unlockable. I am using the same phone right now & works like charm. Are you sure you have ultrasn0w 1.2.3 installed?

  28. hi moderator m having ipnone 4 with ios 4.2.1 n 3.10.01 baseband…. is there any cydia tool to unlock it………..plz rply soon …thanx in advance

  29. @jorarova If sn0wbreeze is not working then try redsn0w to install 06.15 baseband and then come back to sn0wbreeze for custom firmware for unlock. hope this helps.

  30. I have updated the post with iTunes 10.2.2 download link which should allow you to install older custom firmware version like 4.3.3 without 3194 error. Buzz me 🙂

  31. @TechZoomOrg Hey Tushar, not to worry! If you have any questions/feedback on Livefyre, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

  32. Hey @sranjatt13 I am not a jailbreak expert. I am a community manager at Livefyre and just wanted to help you out here by retrieving your comment. Maybe @TechZoomOrg can help you.

  33. @Dhara Mistry@TechZoomOrg hiiiiii dhara…..plz hlp me by jus cheking ma host file above……is it well to resolve 3194 error???

  34. @TechZoomOrg@sranjatt13 Hey there, the comment was removed by the Livefyre Spam filter by mistake. Since @sranjatt13 posted the comment once and deleted it and then posted it again, our spam filter labeled this as spam. I have gone ahead and marked it as ‘Not Spam. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Let us know if you have any questions. We’d be happy to assist!

  35. @TechZoomOrg for resolving 3194 error i googled a solution ie editing host ffiles…..following steps i editd it…wud u plz check whethr i hd done correctly n will it help me in resolving 3194 error…….

    # Copyright (c) 1993-2009 Microsoft Corp.## This is a sample HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows.## This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names. Each# entry should be kept on an individual line. The IP address should# be placed in the first column followed by the corresponding host name.# The IP address and the host name should be separated by at least one# space.## Additionally, comments (such as these) may be inserted on individual# lines or following the machine name denoted by a ‘#’ symbol.## For example:## # source server# # x client host # localhost name resolution is handled within DNS itself.# localhost# ::1 localhost#

  36. hiiiii…..i jus tried to jailbreak ma iphone 3gs on ios4.3.3…..but it gives 3194 error on itunes when i tried to restore…….i jus googled to resolve it nd find to edit the host files as a solution nd i did same as i was guided……as m new wid it…..m not sure dat i hd done well or not….so m going to copy here what i hd done……plzzzz if m correct or not…..

    # Copyright (c) 1993-2009 Microsoft Corp.## This is a sample HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows.## This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names. Each# entry should be kept on an individual line. The IP address should# be placed in the first column followed by the corresponding host name.# The IP address and the host name should be separated by at least one# space.## Additionally, comments (such as these) may be inserted on individual# lines or following the machine name denoted by a ‘#’ symbol.## For example:## # source server# # x client host # localhost name resolution is handled within DNS itself.# localhost# ::1 localhost#

  37. @TechZoomOrg no man i have tried all..but nothing is happening..I have also reinserted sim many times..but the same problem continues,i get signal for few seconds & then it just goes off and phone gets reboot..i have also tried reinstalling ultrasn0w but again no progress..can u plz suggest

  38. @saksham0404 Just restart your phone & change airplane mode to on / off couple of times and see if signal appears. Signal should appear after 20-30 seconds once settled.

  39. @TechZoomOrg i am using works fine on my other phone..and yeah before resetting i checked with my was getting signal

  40. i am not getting signal on my iphone 3gs ios 4.3.3 with ipad baseband 6.15.It was unlocked with ultrasn0w 1.2.3 can anybody help me to fix the sigal problem?

  41. @hathor On windows, start menu> run (windows key+r) – paste this %systemroot%system32driversetc then Open Hosts file in notepad. make sure to have instead of default ip for & try again.

  42. Just as I sent the reply I realized that I had not started the TSS server in TinyUmbrella. I also realized that the Hosts file that tinyumbrella had made was not being used and renamed it to hosts (from hosts.umbrella).

    This allowed the process to finish and upgrade without the error.


  43. Having the same issue and I’ve tried all of the 3194 fixes (tinyumbrella, adding entries to the host file, removing the hosts file, etc…) I am also using iTunes 10.4.x and my iPhone 3gs is currently running 4.2.1 with BB6.15. I created a new Snow’d image and tried the restore process by clicking shift+restore in iTunes. It then asked me to select an image and started extracting it, once it goes back to Apple to check the firmware it fails with error 3194.

    Any suggestions to get around the check?

    My hosts file has the following entries


  44. @PhilProcter Nope. do the hard-reset on that phone & try again. there should not be any problem whatsoever for a 3gs on bb 06.15. not at all. there must be something missing in the process. it has to work.

  45. I have tried it as well and I get the error “3194” in iTunes. I tried 2 times and it was correct in DFU mode. Right now im using a iPhone 4 with 4.0.2 and bb 1.59.00. I am using the newest iTunes Can the iTunes cause the error?

  46. @TechZoomOrg if the phone was barred by orange. A jailbreakbreak and unlock would work wouldn’t it? Or I’m thinking is the imei number stopping it?? A u say it’s weird as the other 2 iPhones went great first time

  47. @PhilProcter Its weird! It shouldn’t happen that way.


    1] Reboot your phone couple of times

    2] Switch Airplane mode ON and OFF couple of times and see what happens.

    Even it doesnt

    1] uninstall ultrasn0w – reboot your phone.

    2] open cydia & re-install ulrasn0w

    Make sure your Data and 3G settings are OFF. Would be great if you could keep the sim tray empty.

  48. @TechZoomOrg yes it’s version 123 and yes rebooted device. And still no service wow this is doing my head in. Is there anything I can change to fix ???

  49. @PhilProcter Okay that’s great. Which version of ultrasn0w have u installed? Is it 1.2-3? Have u rebooted Ur phone after ultrasn0w installation? 

  50. I’ve managed to sort it all and managed to rejailbreak and install ultrasnow and it’s still saying no service. Any ideas as where to go from here. It is a 3GS on 4.3.3 on the 6.15 baseband ???

    • Okay that’s great. Which version of ultrasn0w have u installed? Is it 1.2-3? Have u rebooted Ur phone after ultrasn0w installation?

  51. Also would it make a difference to what iTunes I have installed I’m on 10.2.2 do I need to download the new iTunes ?

  52. @TechZoomOrg would u say I need to rejailbreak it tho as after all it has Cydia on and 6.15 baseband. So isn’t there something we can do without jailbreaking again. Also would maybe downgrading to lower iOS work ?. Really need it working and don’t wanna give up onnit. Would u defo recommend to re jailbreak again ?

  53. @TechZoomOrg I think I’ve made big mistake. In the etc file there was 2 hosts files one was an ics file so it says and the other just a file. I opened it in notepad and I’ve deteled the lot and saved it so the file is empty. Any clues where I can get a temPlate to write it back in or to copy and paste one. My email is If you could send me a copy so I can copy and past from email

  54. @TechZoomOrg there was nothing with apple I’d in it. Like I say when I do shift restore it extracts software very fast and then pops up with error 3194. And the phone just stays in dfu mode. The phOne is a 3GS on 4.3.3 already jailbroken tho. How do I know what to delete out ov host files and Do I open them up I’m notepad

  55. @TechZoomOrg @PhilProcter it only does that with the vodafone sim tho. I keep trying my three uk sim which I am using now in my other iPhone and it does just say no service. But when I drop it back in my iPhone it loads three uk straight away. Also I have tried rejailbreaking the iPhone ad when I do the shift restore it says error and just stops in dfu mode. Can get out ov that but just won’t jailbreak again. Just weird as both iPhones have been done same way and mine works but other won’t load three as a carier. Many thanks

  56. @PhilProcter If it is showing a Carrier name then it must be a problem with the following.

    1] Account on that network

    2] Network signal

    3] SIM card issue

    When ultrasn0w is not compatible or any environment that is not applicable for ultrasn0w to work then it keeps saying “Searching” or “No Signal” and would never show the carrier ID / Name.

  57. @TechZoomOrg yes the baseband is on 6.15.00. It was on orange but blocked I think. So I though if I jailbreaked and installed ultrasnow it would work. It does bring up the vodafone name but there is no bars on the signal strength and just doesn’t ring or anything

  58. @PhilProcter Hi. Have you changed the 3GS baseband to 06.15 before installing ultrasn0w? What official baseband number are you on that 3GS ?

    • I have downloaded 4.3.3 version from a website But dont know how to update my phone through it. N have installed itunes 10.2.2 but its still not letting me download the 4.3.3 version. Plz help….

  59. Hey there I have jailbreaked 2 ov my iPhones this way and no problems at all but I have just done a 3GS 16gb and I have installed ultrasnow and I Carnt get a carrier signal. Any help please. I tried few sim cards and none work just says no service ???

  60. @JF@TechZoomOrg

    Hey JF just got one question. ios 4.3.3 is not the latest how could you use tiney umbrella for shsh ?? i read every where it has to be the latest version so that you can use it ?

  61. @JF@TechZoomOrg Hey JF just got one question. ios 4.3.3 is not the newest one so how could you use tiney umbrella for shsh ?? i read every where it has to be the latest version so that you can use it ?

    • It’s not that way!

      One should download latest TinyUmbrella once the new iOS firmware is released.

      Latest TinyUmbrella will always support old devices but saving SHSH is only available for any firmware till Apple keeps that info live. Usually until new firmware release.

  62. @TechZoomOrg

    well i dont know what i can do .. i tryed a lot. but the error 3194 is still there, do you think it could be because of windows xp? everywhere i ve read about this problem they guys could fix it but they had windows 7

    • No man. I m using XP with service pack 2. Not even SP3!

      Uninstall iTunes completely. Clean up windows registry. Download n install latest version.

      Then take backup all your data from phone and try again.

      See if works

  63. @TechZoomOrg

    It was in DFU mode. I upgraded to Itunes 10.4 which seemed to resolve the issue I described above. However, encountered several other problems: first, error 3194 – I resolved this using tiny umbrella. phone then proceeds to restore – I can see the sn0wbreeze logo on the phone and the progress bar fill up… However, it stop abruptly and reports that it can be restored due to an unknown error (37).

    Do you know of a resolution?

  64. Hi,

    I’ve created custom 4.3.3 ipsw, with baseband 6.15.00 for a iphone 3GS as per your instructions. However, after I put the phone in DFU (using the IREB app in sn0wbreeze) and try to restore, I immediately get the error “The iphone could not be restored because the firmware file is not compatible”.

    Any advice? Thanks

  65. @TechZoomOrg

    at the moment i ve got IOS 4.2.1(8c148a) and baseband 06.15.00(its allready jailbroken with redsnow and unlocked by ultrasnow)

  66. @cocser send me all the details about the phone. take screenshot of ABOUT under settings & send. Will see to resolve this. u can send me videos if possible through contact form on this site.

  67. @TechZoomOrg

    i m pretty sure that it was in dfu mode …. hmm ok man thanks a lot for your time 🙂 i ll try it againI have really weird problems with the phone.i n fact i just want to reinstalll the software and jailbreak it again, because i have no receiving anymore with the phone.( i allready tried to enter the flightmode, turn off phone etc. reinstall ultrasnow…) and i dont know why so i thought i just recover the phone and jailbreak it again and perhaps the error is away …

  68. @cocser It’s weird. It shouldn’t happen that way for a 3GS. Are you sure that you’ve entered into a DFU mode properly & not in Recovery mode? You can restart from step 1.

    No one faced this issue before. Not even me. I did it the same way as I wrote.

  69. @TechZoomOrg i used shift+ restore and i choose the ios version 4.3.3 which i have manipulated with snowbreeze.but every time i chose it there is the error 3194

  70. its working now, until the restore. there is allways the error 3194 and i cannot fix it, i allready tried it with changing the “hosts”so can somebody help me please ?

  71. perhaps i have to mantion, that i have snowbreeze 2.7.3 and not 2.7.1, beacause i didnt find itand when i wanted to install netFramework there was an error, that there is allready one installed

  72. hi,

    I ve got the problem that when i start sn0wbreeze everything works perfectly until i get to the question if i want to install baseband 06.15.00.beacause i allready got it i deny it. I klick on the arrow to continue but sn0wbreeze does not continue. on the contrary, it goes back to the page where i can choose the “general” option or “unlocks”;”custom boot logos” ect. So i click again on general an all happens again …. can you help me ?

  73. Hi,

    I have iPhone 4 on Firmware 4.0.1 and BB 01.59.00. I followed the process as mentioned above. However, when i try to shift+Restore and select the Custom IPSW, iTunes gives me an error message that “The device is not eligible for the requested build.” I had my SHSH blobs saved, so i restored back to 4.0.1. I searched every possible websites to find a solution but nothing works. Please help me out.

  74. Thanks for the tutorial. But can you help me out here? I have been able to unlock my phone. Ultrasn0w simply won’t work. It always says it’s “searching” or that it has “no service”. I have a old bootroom 3GS that was bought in the US. It was a AT&T phone. But I got it jailbroken and unlocked and used for over an year without any problem. But I decided to upgrade it to iOs 4xx and that was obviously a mistake because I haven’t been able to use it as phone ever since. I upgraded to 4.2.1 and to the 6.15 ipad baseband with redsn0w, but ultrasn0w didn’t work. I JB it again, using sn0wbreeze, since I already had the ipad baseband, but nothing. Now I decided to upgraded to other firmware and upgraded it to 4.3.3, but the problem remains. I’m thinking it’s there’s something wrong with the ipad baseband. I don’t know what else to do. Can u help me?

  75. @sharq Yes, i know its sad but I think software unlocking will get difficult by every release of new hardware & software. It would be good to buy factory unlocked phones & i hope Apple changes its policy soon.

    regarding unlocking: unlocking methods available in the market other than ultrasn0w might brick your device & hence might even result in not been able to sync apps etc. I hv seen this happening to people. Make sure that the unlock solution they’re providing won’t harm your phone in any way.

  76. @TechZoomOrg Thank you your answer. :((( I took a round in the city, and a girl in “phones2go” phone service told me they can do full-unlock for me. What do you think about. It is possible or fake?

  77. Hy! I have Iphone 4 version 4.3.3 (8J2) and BB 04.10.01 Like ‘B.C. Cooper’. Can i make an unlock on this mobile with above steps?!

  78. I bought an unlocked Iphone 3GS version 4.3.3( 8J2) and 06.15.00. I have a Cydia running on the phone. I tried using a Tmobile prepaid card and I dont get signal. Phone keeps searching for signal constantly and i am not able to use the phone. I am sure there is no problem with sim bcos it works well in my other mobile. I am not sure what is the software problem and what i should do now for it to work properly. Please help me in this issue.

    • Having Just Cydia won’t unlock your phone. 3Gs with 06.15 baseband is good buy because it is unlock-able.

      Open Cydia. Search for ultrasn0w. Install it & reboot iPhone & I should get signals.

  79. need your help!!

    im using my iphone 4.3.3 ive got to the step on snowbreeze where you have to “download apps from your favourite repos” i watches your video and selected the same option. which was “iphone dev team iphone 4, 3g and 3gs software unlock, now with add…” but when i click the next button it takes me back to the page “select and of the following options:general , unlocks, custom boot logos….”

    please tell me how i fix this!!

  80. @andimaxter Did you enter into the DFU mode correctly? You seems like entered into a recovery mode instead of DFU mode. Use TinyUmbrella to kick your iPhone out from recovery mode and try again.

  81. @tangjuice I am not getting you correctly. The process is very simple. Go to settings > about and tell me firmware version & OS version you hv on you iphone

  82. My iphone 3gs did not finish installing the custom iOS and its stuck in recovery mode. I tried almost everything but its stuck. Please Help!!!

  83. @TechZoomOrg umm my iphone is locked i dont think i have anyway of checking my baseband i am trying to unlock it but so far i have been unsucessful

    • Yes. Only locked phones are the ones needs to be unlocked, isn’t it 🙂 ! if you’re on 3GS, you must change your baseband to 06.15 in order to get it unlocked using ultrasn0w. No other way. I would recommend reading all the comments below in order to get going. Buzz me if you still hv any confusions.

  84. @tangjuice Have you changed your basedband to 06.15? are you clicking SHIFT + RESTORE button? Simply clicking restore would not work.

  85. by the way i have an iphone 3Gs and i did download the right firmware but it might be the baseband or something like that

  86. When i when to restore it says that iphone can;t no be restore because firm ware is not compatible what should i do thanks

  87. @skdgo Restart the process for ur 3GS and make sure to check “Hactivate” option. Also make sure ultrasn0w is installed.

  88. hey dude srry to bother u again but im not getting any service,im trying to use a t-mobile sim…..

    I installed ultrasnow..baseband 06.15 and firmware 4.3.3


  89. thx bro got it done..just one more question..what ipsw do i use to jailbreak iphone 3g?or where can i find it?one more time thx

  90. @skdgo Okay.

    1] Are you using 3GS or 4?

    2] Clicking reboot should reboot your device instead of returning back to Cydia. Thats not the correct result.

    3] Once returned to Cydia – does it show ‘Modify’ button on ultrasn0w install page? Or does it show ‘Install’ button everytime you visit ultrasn0w page on Cydia?

    4] If it shows ‘Install’ then its not getting installed. If it says ‘Modify’ then it is installed

    5] Exit Cydia – press and hold the power button until it says ‘Power Off’ slide screen.

    6] Power off and power on again

    7] Go to cydia and see if ultrasn0w is installed.

    buzz me if you anything more

  91. allright so ive jailbroken it,the only thing that i need to do is reboot(just forget about the first question).The problem is i try to reboot but i dont know if im doing something wrong, everytime i install ultrasnow and try to reboot,my phone comes back with cydia only.It might sound confusing but all i need to know are the instructions to reboot after ultrasnow installed.Thx.

  92. @skdgo Hey, if you were looking for jailbreak only then you should have used redsnow only. Ultrasn0w requires to reboot the device. Thats normal. Can you please explain more about the probelm so I can guide you. Frankly, I didn’t understand the question clearly.

  93. i really need help bro…i got cydia already and went through all the steps but i still have a few questions.I’ve always used redsnow before.

    if i was using att i cant tick the first box right side on the general options?I watched another video on youtube where a guy says att users wont get service when thats done when they unlock and use another carrier.

    and how do i reboot on snowbreeze?everytime i install ultrasnow and it asks to reboot i try to but idk how to…

    I would really appreciate if you help me bro…HHHEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. @arvindrajv Create folder if you don’t have already with name ‘Cydia’ in /var/root/Media

    Then inside this Cydia folder – create a folder named ‘AutoInstall’

    Copy .deb file here & restart your phone.

  95. TechZoomOrg I could’nt find media file inside root>Library. Instead I can find a media folder inside root>User>Media.

    Is this the right place?

  96. @arvindrajv That’s sad then. If you have a wired connection on a computer, try & download ultrasn0w deb file while creating a custom IPSW as mentioned in steps above.

  97. @arvindrajv Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This way, you will have to re-enter WiFi network details along with password (if any). Should work. Let me know. Enjoy.

  98. Hi Tushar,

    I have iPhone 3GS with iOS 4.3.3 and baseband 06.15.00 . I tried jailbreaking it using both redsnow and snowbreeze. Jailbreak was successful and cydia got installed. But, the problem is with my wifi. Its deducting my wifi network. But when I try connecting it gives a alert saying “Unable to connect to ‘my network name’ “. As I couldn’t connect to wifi, I couldn’t install ultrasnow in cydia and unlock my phone. Is there anything I could do to make my iPhone work. I am fed up with all the options given in net. Please help me.

  99. when i try to restore my iphone it says an unknown error occured (1015) and it wont restore it at all. how can i get it working again?

    • Are you trying to restore post creating custom FW? Are you sure you went into DFU mode correctly? Or you entered into a recovery mode instead?

      1] Have your system host file to have

      2] Have SHSH blobs saved with TinyUmbrella

      3] Use TinyUmbrella to get your phone out of recovery mode

      let me know if this works

  100. Let me rephrase- In your opinion should I use Redsnow instead of snowbreeze(without choosing to change the baseband) for jailbreaking?

  101. Thank you Tushar. I re-read your post.
    I have a factory unlocked iPhone 4 and apparently you suggest using Redsn0w for that? Am I correct?

  102. I have query.
    Do I first upgrade my ios 4.2.1 to 4.3.3 using iTunes FIRST and then restore it with the “cooked” ipsw or I just follow all these steps with my ios 4.2.1 on board and directly restore with the cooked ipsw?

    • @Alok
      You should never ever install without cooked IPSW via iTunes. Its always good to use custom IPSW via redsn0w or sn0wbreeze if you are going to rely on jailbreak & ultrasn0w unlock to keep your modem firmware intact!

  103. Hi… Thanks for the answer. One last question.. If i go ahead and install 4.3.3, what is the risk??? And for carrying out the steps for updating,, do I need a wifi connection????

    • Nothing for iPhone 4. Only thing is you need to make sure to execute the process without any mess or else, you will have to start over from scratch. I would recommend that WiFi connection is essential.

  104. Hi tushar!!!! I tried to save the SHSH using tinyumbrella, my phone IOS 4.0.1 , but it shows the saved SHSH as 4.3.3

    • Yes. I guessed person you bought from might have saved SHSH.
      Remember, Apple stops signing (SHSH) older versions once it release newer versions. So, whenever the new version is available, it is important to save SHSH for that particular OS version & for your phone. SHSH cannot be copied from other devices. These are different for each and every iPhone, iPod, iPad.

      So, looks like you will have to go ahead straight as mentioned in the post & my earlier reply – if you really need 4.3.3 🙂


  105. Hi tushar!!!! Thanks a lor firstly for doing a great job!!!! I have bought a iPhone 4 from US which runs on ios 4.0.1. Of course it is jailbroken with cedia. I want to upgrade that to ios 4.3.3. Can I follow the same steps to unlock it??? Because I understand that after updating it, it will be locked. Thanks once again!!!!

    • @Vishnu: Yes, you can. But have you saved your SHSH blobs for the 4.0.1? Check this with TinyUmbrella. If SHSH for your phone for 4.0.1 is not saved then you cannot revert back to this version in case there is any issue with 4.3.3. Otherwise, move ahead considering this as a risk.

      Because, your iPhone 4 is having older OS, it is having older firmware – which is good. because older firmwares are supported easily for unlock.

      By using above steps – sn0wbreeze will never upgrade your firmware / baseband. which is essential. always use sn0wbreeze to make sure you dont update the baseband.

      You do not need to install iPad baseband. It is only for iPhone 3GS.

      All the best and enjoy.

  106. When I was creating CF in sn0wbreeze I chose hactivating option. And that was the reason why I had problems with calling. Now I’ve created new CF and everything works fine. Maybe it would be helpful for someone.

    Nevertheless thanks for your help :).

  107. @ Tushar Tajane..

    i did enter the iphone in DFU mode it just wont let me restore it to the customer ispw i created.

  108. Thanks a lot for all responses :).

    What do you think about ios 4.2 or elder versions of 4.3? I read about battery drain problem on 3gs. Is it at all possible to downgrade my ios? I need at least ios 4.2, because I want to buy photoforge2 🙂

    • you can downgrade if you have SHSH saved for those versions otherwise there is no way you can downgrade. I am on 4.3.3 and not facing any battery drain issues.

  109. Is there any chance to this in the other way? I don’t want to upgrade my bb to 06.15.00 ver. because very often GPS doesn’t work and I don’t want to loose my warranty.

    I don’t understand what is the source of this problem. I’ve simlock and sim card in the same mobile operator. So why iPhone has a problem with finding network?

    Maybe there is other solution?

    • @Thomas: If you’re on official carrier, don’t use this unlock method to keep the warranty. There is no other method (for newer devices like yours and mine) except to upgrade to 6.15.00 baseband. This was stated by the dev-team that only choose this option only if we rely badly on software unlock (which I was). The dev-team is working on to fix the GPS issue but they have not provided any timeline or date for the release.

      Unfortunately, there is no other method known to me (at least).

      Hope this helps.

  110. i can’t do this for my iphone 4, i followed every step and its not working!

    i’m running on 4.0.2 and want to get it working ! please advice

    the one thing i get is i tunes giving me 3194 error message showing it can’t update!

    • You don’t need iPad BASEBAND for iPhone 4. It is only for 3GS.

      Make sure that you’re entering DFU mode correctly. You should not let the phone enter in recovery mode. It has to be DFU mode

  111. Thanks for answer :). Unfortunately it didn’t help. Still I can’t making calls. The only change is that the phone is searching network. In setting/general/about there is the information that the network is not available.

    In ultrasn0w installation window there is the list of supported basebands and there isn’t mine. Maybe I should upgrade bb to 06.15.00 version?

    • Indeed. You need iPad BASEBAND 6.15.00 on 3GS to be able to unlock iPhone n use with unofficial carriers. I thought you already did this. Pls note that it will void warranty on your phone.

  112. Hello,

    I’ve iP 3gs with ios 4.3.3. and bb 05.14.02. I’ve made jailbreak with sn0wbreeze ver. 2.7.3 and now I’ve a big problem, because I can’t make any calls. Phone doesn’t see the network and operator. Can anyone help me?

  113. my phone is just 2 day old
    and the problem seems to be of battery as it switch off itself randomly leaving a stuck screen without light and when it is connected to computer or charger it worked fine showing me 100% of battery and when unplugged same problem happens.

    Shall i give it for warranty claim..
    or is there any fix or something

    • Try resetting network settings. Try switching off wifi, 3G etc n use the phone. See what happens.

      Your warranty is (mostly) lost when u modify BASEBAND to 6.15.00 . 🙁



    • @khan: I once faced an issue where my phone used to stuck on Apple logo for hours and never showed me the menu.

      I re-installed everything from scratch without the baseband because i already had it. Also I started as new phone in iTunes instead of restoring my backup.

      Everything worked again.

      Would you mind trying that way?

  115. hii all
    after doing everything correctly
    I end up with a new problem,
    Now my Iphone 3GS switch off itself randomly leaving a stuck screen without light
    and I have to power it on 4 to 5 times 🙁 to get back to menu
    happened at-least more than 10 times a day
    any Idea..???

    • @khan: It’s weird to hear abt such problem. I dont think it is happening due to installation instead the problem may be arising due to non-compatible programs running. Are you sure about this? Was Ur phone previously jailbroken! Are you sure if Ur phone was not bricked earlier via different method???

  116. Ok thanks for the quick reply!
    I will be attempting to jailbreak my phone over the weekend and hopefully all will go as planned 🙂

  117. yes,
    I can make call everything is working fine except the safari , even it loads the bookmark and IP address of website but unable to load url

    for example when i type it can’t load
    and when i type it loads google

    please help bro and i think becouse of this bug i can’t load maps on my iphone 3gs

  118. hi
    thanx much for this tutorial
    but after i successfully completed everything and tried to browse web I wan unable to do that although it is connected to wifi.
    even maps were not working.. 🙁

    any help very appreciated

    • Can u make calls and sms? I hope it does.
      Go to settings > reset > reset network settings to wipe off wifi info and re-enter the details. Should fix your issue.

  119. How do I know if shsh was saved. And I was on o2 but then unlocked to three so wouldn’t I be able to stay on three if I go back to older firmware. Will that put the baseband back to normal.also would you b able to mail details in how to return to older firmware. Or do u recommend just hanging on and waiting for solution and to stay on iPad baseband

    • Use TinyUmbrella to save SHSH. My suggestion would be to stay on iPad BASEBAND instead of trying to downgrade which may cause other problems which we don’t know . Me too on iPad base band only.

  120. Thanks for quick reply. So is there no way back for now then as use gps alot. Have read sum articles where they have restored to and earlier firmware is it stil possible to unlock if I went back to an earlier firmware? Any ideas on when devs team is gunna release sumthing

    • As per my information, there us no quick fix. You can restore to older firmwares only if u r on official carrier. Or if u had 5.13 BASEBAND and u have SHSH saved for version before 4.1.

      This way you can go back to 4.01 and use unlock and gps, both.

  121. Hi I recently jailbraked my iPhone 3GS on 4.3.3 using snowbreeze and used ultrasnow to unlock. All is working fine apart from I’m getting verg poor gps signal. I have read few problems one been that it is the baseband. As I updated the baseband in the snowbreeze process is this the problem and if so can I change my baseband back and still unlock my carrier ?? Need help please. Or is it just the Tomtom and satnav apps that are slow gps. Any help would be great

    • @phil
      Upgrading BASEBAND to 06.15 is known to cause GPS problems on some handsets and not all. Unfortunately, you’re one them.
      No, You can’t get unlocked 4.3.3 without this BASEBAND.

  122. Hello, towards the end of step 5 you talk about the option of installing Ipad baseband 06.15.00 because its important if you want to unlock 3GS with ultrasnow, etc..
    I have an iPhone4 with 4.3.3OS.
    Is the baseband the same thing as modem firmware? If so, then mine is 04.10.01.
    Should I install the iPad baseband, as noted in step 5?
    Also in step 5 (in the picture) you’ve hilighted ‘Activate the iPhone (Hacktivate)’, what does this do and is it required to jailbreak the phone?
    Thank you and apologies for the noob questions.

    • @cooper
      No. You don’t need iPad BASEBAND for iPhone 4.
      Hactivate is only required if you’re going to use unofficial carrier sim card & use unlocked iPhone
      If you want to jailbreak only then u don’t need any of above.

  123. yep already downloaded ultrasnow.

    its a bit strange – got the phone from a friend who was on vodaphone, so took it to the shop to be unlocked – it worked fine for me on O2 for about 3 weeks, then one day, the signal went and never came back. Thats when i started to look in the forums to find out what might be wrong…… read a million different pages
    so i thought lets start again and put the 4.3.3 on and jailbreak it and unlock again…..
    but the phone still has no signal…….
    its very annoying!! have tried a friends O2 sim card it too and its just the same… no signal….

  124. Thanks, did all of the above and worked great. Only problem is that I still have no signal….. it is unlocked as showing the carrier name, but can’t make any calls or texts.

    Have tried airplane mode, on/off and 3 g etc… no joy….

    any ideas? is the phone broken you think?

    • What! If carrier name is showing which means its done.
      Go to Cydia > download latest ultrasn0w 1.2.3 via
      Buzz me if it works.
      If not feel free to use Chat option above on right hand side of the page on

  125. Sorry just confused myself…… do i update 4.3.3 via itunes ? or does the steps you show above do the update, and the JB and unlock?

    sorry to seem a bit dumb, but its all new to me….. first iphone ( bought off a friend….)

    • No. You should not update via iTunes at all directly.

      You first needs to create custom IPSW as shown above with sn0wbreeze.

      Follow steps as shown above.

  126. My Iphone was on 4.1 and was unlocked using ultrasnow – had problems with the service on it so now i want to update to 4.3.3, and jailbreak and unlock as you show above.

    Do i need to restore the phone to its original state via itunes before i do the 4.3.3 update? Or can i just add the update. I need to keep my baseband on 06.15.00

    thanks alot

    • @Julie
      You do not need to restore to original state. Just go ahead and update to 4.3.3 as shown.
      Sn0wbreeze will keep existing 06.15.00 baseband intact as it never updates the baseband & thats the advantage of using sn0wbreeze.
      Do not select an option of iPad baseband (just like I had not).
      Good to go. Enjoy. Hope this helps.

  127. I’m sorry, still working on my english 😉
    When I do this Unlock and Jailbreak thing according to your guide, is it (afterwards) possible to re-do it, I mean in case my GPS doesn’t work correctly..

    • No. Redoing won’t let GPS work if it doesn’t the first time!
      Restoring back to official 4.3.3 may encounter error while installation due to iPad baseband. This cannot be modified but can only be maintained for future unlocks. + You loose warranty on your phone.
      Do this ONLY if you rely on ultrasn0w unlock

    • re-doable? I didn’t get you!
      If you mean to downgrading to 4.3.3 after 4.4 or something then yes! But you must need to have SHSH blobs saved!

  128. I tried to unlock I phone 3GS 4.3.3 as per you, but my computer doesn’t support the .net file that you gave the link as my comp is 64 Bit. later while using sn0wbreeze, i encounter problem, it ask me to browse custom debian file (.deb file) so here i am stocked. Help me out. If further I may get stocked. so gave me the clear instruction to go through it

    • @ryan
      Is your iPhone already unlocked on previous version of iOS? Have you previously installed iPad baseband?

      1] If your computer is 64 bit then you need .Net framework for X64.
      2] If the sn0wbreeze is running well on your computer then you must be having it installed already.
      3] Do not obtain .Deb files if you’re getting confused. You can download it later by connecting your phone to Internet via WiFi or 3G.
      4] You need to check the option to install iPad baseband 06.15.00 to be able to unlock your 3GS. You would loose warranty on the phone.
      5] Check Hactivate phone option as shown
      6] Go step by step (skip .deb download step) and you should be done.

      Hope this helps

  129. Mr. Tushar,

    I ran out of time last time, and i really understand none of this, but I have a little time today. My query right now is: I have brand new iPhone 3GS 4.3.2 with 5.16.02, ok I don’t pay the monthly bill (company does)(AT&T), and my upgrade is like 3 r 4 weeks away so what do I do to just jailbreak? I already saved the shsh so this is wer I’m at, sorry 8/

    • If you’re going to stay on AT&T then only go ahead and only jailbreak. Unlocking will void your warranty because u must need to upgrade to iPad BASEBAND which is not legit.

      JAILBREAKING won’t be of any issue. Make sure not to upgrade BASEBAND.

      Let me know if this helps.

  130. please answer:
    My details:
    Phone-Iphone 3G(S)
    PC platform-Windows7
    Current iOS version-4.0.1
    Currently jailbroken ? YES
    Jailbroken through- Jailbreakme
    Currently Unlocked? YES
    Currently Unlocked through-Ultrasn0w
    Desired upgraded version is -4.3.3
    Need Answers for:
    Can I upgrade to 4.3.3 ? YES/NO ?
    If I upgrade will I retain my Baseband (I want to)Yes/No ?
    Will I have to unlock the phone again ? Yes/No ?
    Which is the best jailbreak+unlock combo ?

    • Vikas
      If your BASEBAND is unlock-able then u must use SNOWBREEZE as mentioned above to preserve current BASEBAND.

      No need to use iPad BASEBAND.

      You will have to unlock again by updating ultrasnow 1.2.3 via Cydia.

      Make sure to run snowbreeze as administrator on windows 7.

      Snowbreeze would never upgrade Ur BASEBAND by creating a custom IPSW .

      Hope this helps.

  131. Hey,

    It is 3g s sorry i left that out, but I still have a problem, I’ve gone as far as “shift restore” and updated with the sn0wbreeze and it instals up to 70% and then my itunes gives me an error warning of error (21) or another number, last night I had to restore my phone with the standand itunes way.. is there any reason for this happening and is there anything I can do to get the unlock/jailbreak.

    also my main objective is to unlock..and I have ticked the baseband option to allow my iphone to go to bb 06.15.00..any suggestions?


  132. Hi, thanks for the detailed description.

    I have a small query.. my iphone is a 3G 4.3.3. (8j2) and has a baseband of 05.16.02 as I understand I need to get that baseband to 06.15.00 so I can proceed to unlock it. is there anyway you know I can do that, or is the baseband I have unlockable as it is?? I also use windows and its not jailbroken or anything yet..

    any help would be much appreciated.

    • @Murphich
      Thanks for writing. Are you sure its 3G phone with 4.3.3! because 4.3.3 is not supported on 3G anymore.

      If you’re on 3GS then yes, you need to follow above steps & it is must to use 06.15.00 iPad baseband to unlock using ultrasn0w. You will loose warranty on your phone.

      If you have 3G then don’t use above steps nor sn0wbreeze because it is not supported by the same.

      Hope this helps

    • Upgrading to iPad baseband is only for 3G & 3GS.
      For iPhone 4 – you can use Sn0wbreeze + hactivate that will also install Cydia.
      After than, use ultrasn0w to unlock.

      Let me know if this works.

  133. Hi Tushar,

    On a jailbroken 3Gs running 4.3.3, with 05.16.02 (old bootrom) and to need to carrier unlock. I’m on a mac and tried using Redsn0w 0.9.6rc16 to update baseband, but keeps crashing everytime when fetching ipad baseband. Any suggestions? Do you know of any alternative way that may work better?

    Any help is appreciated.

  134. okay. i have some questions. i’m sorry if i drive you crazy. the new redsn0w has no option to install ipad baseband. i think i’m going to opt for Pwnage (it needs custom firmware). i don’t know if this will work. here’s the thing… what firmware should i use for ipad baseband? any? 4.3.3. is okay?
    hey, thanks for your prompt reply.

  135. okay. the computer i’m using has no itunes. i did it like John said. but i don’t get this –> I then used iReb to patch the iphone and then used iTunes to install the firmware.

    explain please? thanks!

    • It should download iPad baseband 06.15.00. Others could. It could be a system issue at your end.
      I would suggest

      1] Use redsn0w – ONLY to install iPad baseband 06.15.00 if you need to an unlock. (nothing else)

      2] Come back to sn0wbreeze & do everything else as mentioned above.

      I haven’t done it this way – but i think should work.

  136. i can’t download the ipad baseband from sn0wbreeze. please help??? i need my phone to unlock. please. do you have MSN messenger? can you add me? thanks!

  137. my iphone already unlock….if i want to update to 4.3.3…should i check HACTIVATION?? what happen if i checked ? iphone will lock or not?

  138. Thanks for the help, I found a solution that may be of use to someone else:

    I went through most of these steps on a computer that doesn’t have iTunes. Once the firmware was made, I copied it to a flash drive and copied it to my computer from there. I then used iReb to patch the iphone and then used iTunes to install the firmware.

    • @Dc

      Good to see you got that working.

      SHSH is a piece of info Apple saves on their server & validates it. They only do it for the current version. Like, now it is 4.3.3 so everyone (legitimate) handsets can upgrade to it but cannot go back to 4.1 along with your baseband number (4.1 3GS were having bb 05.14.02 )

      But Cydia allows you to go back by saving a mirror copy of SHSH on their servers for you and deliver it whenever you start downgrade. iTunes gets tricked to look for SHSH on Cydia server instead of Apple.

      Thats why it is important to save SHSH blobs (& confirm them via TinyUmbrella log) as soon as Apple release their new OS

      Hope this helps

    • if you wish to unlock using ultrasn0w then nope. you must change / update ipad baseband 06.15.00 + you loose warranty on the phone. no other alternative.

    • .net & java runtime are must for Tinyumbrella. disable AV & firewalls. To save your SHSH via APPLE instead of CYDIA (the default) go into Advanced options and UNCHECK the box that clearly says: “Request SHSH From Cydia” then click ‘Apply Changes’ then select your device then click ‘Save SHSH’

  139. OH wait! i dont need the HACTIVATION?? i checked the box for that, should i uncheck and create another CFW??

  140. right now trying to do the above steps again. should i upgrade baseband? and after trying the steps again, i’ll let you know if your thing is working! thanks for being there man! i m freaking out! (First Timer….u know!)

    • Don’t do the steps again. It ain’t gonna work if it didn’t at first 🙂
      Follow my earlier reply only.

  141. Hi brother! very nice post! I followed every step, got it done, but having one MAJOR PROBLEM!! I am not able to get any Network Signal! My phone was factory unlocked. I did not do that baseband upgrade thing because i didn’t need to unlock! Please help me out mate!

    • Gaurav – hard luck! I dont know what went wrong there.
      If your phone is factory unlocked then you only needed the jailbreak. No hactivation & no iPad baseband.

      Try this:
      1] go to setting > reset > reset network . If it doesnt help then,

      2] Install ultrasn0w from Cydia , reboot your device.

      if that doesn’t help either then:

      3A] Download Redsn0w for Windows
      3B] Feed Redsn0w with downloaded IPSW (not custom IPSW created by you)
      3C] Check Install Cydia, Boot Animation, Multitask gestures under options (nothing else)

      Let me know if this works.

  142. Unfortunately, turning off my anti-virus and firewall had no change, nor did using the new snowbreeze. Could you upload the custom firmware via megaupload or something of the like?

    • ohh John, thats unfortunate. Some pointers

      1] I changed to 06.15.00 when i was on 4.1. I did it via redsn0w which did not create a custom IPSW 🙁 hence can’t upload anything
      2] Get hold of the redsn0w only to update your baseband to 6.15.00 (do not jailbreak or dont do anything else) & then follow with sn0wbreeze. which will be like a workaround. (not tested method but sounds alright)
      3] There are people who are having issues downloading iPad baseband 06.15.00. I think it gets fetched via Apple server. May be try again later.
      4] This issue is with redsn0w as well. so try & see if it downloads. it wont harm your phone because downloading happens before it is actually injected into the phone.

      let me know.

  143. I’m sorry but I don’t know, I will continue to use
    Att bc I’m on a company plan, But I would like it unlocked in case of job loss 8) is the version 4.3.2 ok, do I need 4.3.3? And what ab my bootrom. Thanks for your time in advance

    • Yeop. I suggest the same. Continue with it if you’re in no-hurry. 4.3.2 is okay. 4.3.3 is nothing much different other than location data cache. Make sure to save SHSH blobs with TinyUmbrella asap. It is must if ever you need to downgrade in case there are any issues later with newer OS. Enjoy 🙂

  144. I have a new at&t, I have version 4.3.2 and firmware And 5.16.02 and I’m at step 5 and
    I’m confused where you mention ” if you get confused”
    baseband firmware and bootrom in the same sentence got me.
    Do I need to update all three? -thanks

    • Hi John.
      1] Make sure you’ve allowed sn0wbreeze in your firewall & antivirus software. You can choose to disable anti-virus & firewall for some time until it finishes downloading the firmware.
      2] Or Get latest sn0wbreeze from here & try again

      let me know if this works.

  145. awesome link …. i followed ever step meticulously and my iPhone 3gs is now running on 4.3.3 with cydia ….
    good work … keep it up and thanks a ton

  146. Hi Tushar,

    Thanks for this guide. I will be more helpful if you couold post same guide for MAC. I am on iPhone 3G with 4.1 iOs and 5.14.02 base band.

    • Hey Mani. Gr8 to see your comment. iOS 4.3.3 is not supported on iPhone 3G. Only 3GS and above. You can upgrade to iOS 4.2.1 on Mac via RedSn0w. But, you do have 3GS right?

      • @TechZoomOrg I am having iPhone 3Gs with iOS version 4.2.1(8C148a) with baseband 06.15.00. I am planning to update my iOS to 4.3.3. Is it possible to update it and jailbreak it successfully? Current set is jailbroken using greenpoison. Is tat safe to update and jailbreak it to 4.3.3? Because I dont want my iPhone to throw in trash. My PC platform is windows 7… Is there a link to show me step by step process to update and jailbreak it? Please help. Thanks in advance.


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