iPhone Tweak: Stamp Date and Time on Photos with Stampr App

Having date and time stamped on photos taken by iPhone camera – is a small but essential feature was missing in iOS but made possible via Cydia. I looked for different apps on the iTunes store than would let me do it, but none of them impressed me. Now, it is possible to imprint date and time on photos taken on iPhone camera with stamper app available on Cydia. This is a tweak that is only available to jailbroken devices.

I wanted this feature desperately so that I can take photos of my baby boy growing day-by-day, have date and time stamped automatically on pictures taken of him. It makes more sense to keep such record of pictures sometimes.

We get this feature on other mobile phones & digital cameras as well, but we tend not to use it often. Moreover, they do not allow us to change the font size, color etc.

About Stampr App

Allows you to have timestamps on photos inside You can take a photo with the normal camera app, and will have two photos taken, one, which is the original, and one with the timestamp  (Of slightly lower resolution) Easily customizable from settings, you can adjust the font size. The font color, even have custom text before the time stamp. You can have a 24 hour time if you’d like, and the time stamp also includes the date.

This app is developed by Maximus and maintained by BigBoss Repo. It creates duplicate low-res image with a real stamp hence no need to worry about getting rid of the stamp if I want to print it on a paper or make a photo frame of the picture.


How to use Stampr?

Once installed from BigBoss repo, restart your spring-board. There are no new icons added to the home screen so don’t look for any. Installed options are available under Setting > stampr

You can Enable or Disable this tweak, use 24-Hour time, Label Color, Font Size, Custom Text to be added before the date & time etc.


In version 1, (which is now available) does not stamp date and time on the pictures. We MUST re-spring (restart springboard) again after every change we make under Stampr Settings

Price & System Requirements

Stampr is available for FREE and only for jailbroken iPhone, iPod, iPad with iOS 4.2 or higher. (including Verizon iPhone). Kindly donate to the author if you like this app.


iPhone Tweak: Stamp Date and Time on Photos with Stampr App

iPhone Tweak: Stamp Date and Time on Photos with Stampr App

Stampr Deb Download

If you’re looking for .deb file for Stampr then download it from BigBoss Repo here.

I may not use it for all the pictures, but still – this is an amazing little feature very important for me and works exactly how I would love. You can definitely say this is the perfect camera app tweak to add the date on pictures clicked. Definitely helps organizing & re-calling these picture memories later.


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