iPad Tweak: Make Calls, SMS using PhoneIt-iPad

It’s not 100% fresh news (as its been here for a while) – but yes, it is now possible to make phone calls and text messages using 3G iPad, just like you would do it on iPhone. This tweak is ONLY available for jailbroken iPads.

It might not carry great value for some of you, but I am sure everyone using an iPad somewhere thinks it would be great to be able to make phone calls from iPad 1, since we can use a SIM.

This tweak app is developed by iPhoneIslam priced at $

19.99. The price may seem very high but after looking at the video below and if you’re the one looking forward to use iPad as Phone then, it’s just for you.

It is just updated to work on iPad with iOS 5

Some Pointers about PhoneIt-iPad

  • It supports jailbroken iPad 1 with iOS 4.3.3, 4.3.4, 4.3.5 and iOS 5
  • There are two apps: PhoneIt-iPad-4.3.3 & PhoneIt-iPad-5.0 (Choose 5.0 since it’s an updated version 2.0-1)
  • It DOES NOT support iPad 2 (It’s under development)
  • You have to add this repo to download the app:
  • You must remove these jailbreak tweaks iFacepad, SwirlySMS, and Multitasking Gestures hack.
  • After download & install you MUST activate its copy from PhoneIt-iPad website.
  • You cannot have MMS, Facetime, custom ringtones
  • Bluetooth headset cannot be used
  • One license for one device. You cannot use it for another iPad.
  • Your regular SIM card with which you can make calls on iPhone. 3G Data SIM cards won’t be able to make calls. Not just in this app, nor on iPhone.
iPad Tweak: Make Calls, SMS using PhoneIt-iPad

Demo Video

Wow… now, that’s what I call an excellent jailbreak hack! How many of you would like to turn 3G iPad into a phone? 🙂

What say?


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