Power Banks are an essential resource for gadgets’ battery these days, especially with large screens, continuous data connectivity & resource intensive background data refreshes consume plenty of power. Things are fine as long as you’re nearby your regular charging points but, when you’re travelling & need battery power on an emergency basis, power bank is the only rescue device purely because of their portability.

Not until very recently, powerful banks have had the relatively less capacity compared to the recent ones & were able to charge only one device in one charge or sometimes even less. Now that we carry more devices when travelling, it requires power bank capable of charging multiple devices or single device multiple times.

About Lapcare Oval Power Bank

Lapcare – Singapore based manufacturers of laptop peripherals & accessories (since 1997) have several different power banks in their portfolio & Oval-shaped 5200mAh power bank is the latest addition into it. Apart from its battery capacity, its design is its unique feature. It’s very light weight & fits easily in a pocket.

The Lapcare Oval power bank is capable of charging a Smartphone 2 to 4 times when fully charged through its micro-USB port. It can charge mobile phones, tablets, mp3 players & even gaming consoles. The four LED indicators notifies accurately about the power remaining for charging other devices.

The power bank is equipped with the imported chip, top cell ABS, anti-flaming hull & is designed with stable power control. Its intelligent chip power management avoids any accidental fluctuation attacks as well, making it a worry-free accessory to have in modern days.

Ms. Barkha Bosman, the company’s Marketing Head said;

Today the Smartphones are filled with too many applications and usage of these drains out the mobile batteries quickly, hence the usage of power banks has become a must. Power banks have become the second most purchased peripheral today.  Our Lapcare Oval power bank is a genuine one which can charge up to 4 Smartphones continuously. It is stylish, convenient to carry and can be charged quickly to meet the swift charging demands of digital devices like mobile phone, iPad, iPhone, iPod, MP3 or MP4 players, PSP and digital camera etc.


Lapcare Oval aesthetically attractive; looks very cool & is also available in six colors – Black, White, Green, Pink, Yellow & Blue. It also comes with a USB cable which can be used for its charging through Laptop.

If you have any questions about the device, do let us know through the comments below.


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