MNP Trend: Total Ported Mobile Numbers Statistic in India as of March 2011

Mobile Number Portability started across India on 20th January 2011. I wrote a detailed post with Step by Step Guide to Mobile Number Portability in India.  How many subscribers did actually port their mobile numbers to different carriers in India? Read the details in this post.

As predicted, Mobile Number Portability did not cause heavy gains nor losses to any carrier operating in each circle. Because if 1subscribers port out of the carrier ‘A’, it was very much possible that 10 other subscribers might put-in to carrier A.

That’s exactly what happened. MNP hasn’t changed the entire game so far. This is a short-term conclusion, I must say. But, we should actually wait further more to reach to a long-term conclusion on this because according to the mobile porting rules, each subscriber has been locked for 90 days before he / she opts for porting again. Even in that case we might see a similar trend for porting, but we can only assume without actual stats.

The trend also indicates clearly that subscribers are shifting from CDMA to GSM. May be due to limited handset availability and due to the limited possibilities in changing over the handsets. Coverage or call drops were never the problem for CDMA users I have seen till date.

Total Ported Mobile Numbers in India as of March 2011

According to the Press Release PDF from Cellular Operators Association of India, Dated 18th March 2011


Operators Total Subscribers
in (Mln)
Ported In
Ported In % Subscribers
Ported Out
Ported Out % Net Addition Net Addition %
1) Vodafone 127.36 488,250 0.38 295,489 0.23 192,761 0.15
2) Idea 84.29 391,191 0.46 240,402 0.29 150,789 0.18
3) Bharti Airtel 155.80 530,615 0.34 382,400 0.25 148,215 0.10
4) Aircel 51.83 162,664 0.31 117,822 0.23 44,842 0.09
5) Uninor 20.31 31,019 0.15 24,689 0.12 6,330 0.03
6) Videocon 6.01 5,404 0.09 11,633 0.19 -6,229 -0.10
7) MTNL 5.43 3,793 0.07 14,851 0.27 -11,052 -0.20
8 ) TTSL 86.05 197,404 0.23 236,793 0.28 -39,389 -0.05
9) BSNL 88.82 107,724 0.12 257,817 0.29 -150,093 -0.17
10) Reliance 128.87 44,753 0.03 351,170 0.27 -306,417 -0.24


Videocon, TTSL (Tata Tele Services Limited), MTNL, BSNL and Reliance shows the negative figures, hence they have lost those customers via porting. The reasons could be Bad Services, Network Coverage, Call Drops or shifting from CDMA to GSM. TTSL and Reliance were the major CDMA service providers in India.

TTSL consist of Tata Indicom CDMA, Virgin Mobiles and Tata Docomo. It’s too early to predict inclination to one certain company for its quality of service through just the first MNP cycle we’ve seen. Another 9 – 12 months should give us a better picture.

Competition is still ON, I guess.

I recommend you read the guide to mobile number portability if you’re interested to port your number. Have you ported your number? If yes the how’s your experience so far? Comment below to let everyone know.

Source: COAI


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