In recent times, Google is trying to integrate their social networking platform Google+ throughout other Google services including for webmaster & publishers, YouTube, Blogger & now with the Gmail. Google already started combining Google profiles with the Google+ profiles which means, everyone has a Google+ profile of their own.

Some of these integration are working seamlessly & never had any large uproar against such provisions from the users. However, Google’s new aggressive approach may just bother some of the users.

I am already bothered about the email notifications we receive from the circles, when they +1 & share posts with their circles. Some of such shares are not worth a look & but fetches our unnecessary attention every now & then.


Latest addition from Gmail is that, anyone on Google+ can see & then is able to send you an email. This could scare some people off because; nobody wants to connect with strangers, especially when there are more spammers who are likely to capitalize on any opportunity.

In case you’re a publisher, blogger or a business having Google+ presence then you wouldn’t mind such emails because it will only help you interact more with your potential customers or audience. But, if you’re none of these & still use Google services to share check-ins, reviews or interesting updates only targeted for your friends – then you might just want to opt out this new feature.

Thankfully, Google allows us to opt. Here is how you can opt out from “Who can email you via your Google+ profile?”

  1. Login to your Gmail account


  1. Click on the gear icon on top-right corner & then go to Settings
  2. Under settings > General tab > Locate options for Email via Google+


  1. Choose ‘No One’ from the options, to disable sending an email from your Google+ profile

You’re done.

This feature isn’t rolled out to everyone & hence you might not see the above options for disabling the same. If that is the case, you can try again in a day or two because Google has already started rolling it for all users. You can also limit this feature to Circles or Extended Circles too.

Hope this helps. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.



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