Samsung Galaxy Note: Smartphone + Tablet + Pen + Game = Awesome

A more than a year later – there is some good news for the owners of Samsung Galaxy Note-1 (GT-N7000) only if you haven’t yet sold your phone to get S3 or Note-2 🙂

And… the good news is that – Samsung through its microsite, has confirmed Jelly Bean 4.1 Premium Suite upgrade for the original Note-1 and this upgrade will offer plenty of new options that are available on newer Note-2.

However – there is no clear mention about the exact release date for an update.

Note-1 was launched in 2011 to become the first smart phone with 5” AMOLED screen and S-Pen. This device was able to form an entirely different segment called ‘Phablet’, combing the phone & tablet. You can read our Galaxy Note-1 review we posted earlier.

Samsung Galaxy Note-1 N7000 will get Jelly Bean 4.1 Premium Suite Upgrade

Note-1’s Jelly Bean 4.1 Update will have following Note-2 features:

  • Multi-Window:  This Note-2 feature lets us use two apps simultaneously on-screen. I am not sure if the Note-1’s hardware is good enough to support such multitasking or not.
  • Pop-up Note, Pop-up Video, and Pop-up Browser
  • Photo Note and Photo Frame
  • Easy Clip
  • Paper Artist
  • Handwriting on S Planner/ Email
  • Enhanced S-Note
  • Google Now

Well, this may sound like a dream still until we see the OTA update being rolled out on Note-1, but – I have already started loving Samsung more than yesterday, with just this news coming in.

Update: N7000 Jelly bean update released globally

The reports are coming in about the Jelly Bean update for Galaxy Note-1 N7000 & supposedly it’s already rolling out globally. You should be able to update it via Samsung KIES. Some users are also reporting of broken microphone functionality with the update. Do let us know if you’re seeing any available updates in your country including India or have successfully installed the Jelly Bean update on Note-1. We’re waiting to hear from you

If you own a Galaxy Note-1, please be sure to update us what you think? Are you feeling restless already? 🙂


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