Well, the title of this post may just scare some, but plenty of older iPhone users will surely understand what it means. I, myself have an iPhone 3Gs and a few of my friends are also using the same phone still. A sluggish or slower response from iPhone’s home button is a serious cause of frustration.

Recently, I saw a few of those friends using the AssistiveTouch feature under Settings > Accessibility to fix the jerky Home button problem to bring soft home button on screen.  They said, they had to tap home button for at least 5-10 times to go back to the first home screen or to open multi-tasking bar.

Yes, using AssistiveTouch is a workaround to the Home button problem, but it’s very disturbing on-screen. This specific type of Home button disease does not seem to affect jailbroken iPhones much. But jailbreaking an iPhone, is not just the only cure it accepts.

Two ways to fix the Home button on iPhone

A] If your device is jailbroken

All you have to do is, install SBSettings or similar from Cydia and make sure to ‘Respring’ your device whenever you feel the response is slower than desired. Keep an habit of re-springing the device on regular basis surely helps avoiding slower performance of the phone. I have tried this on jailbroken iPhone 3GS & it worked.

B] For everyone

iPhone Home button not working? Try this Fixes

  1. Open a stock iOS app such as Weather or Stocks
  2. Press and hold the Power button until ‘Slide to power off’ appears. Then release the power button. Do not power-off your phone.
  3. Press and hold the Home button. Keep it pressed until the ‘Slide to power off’ message & the running app screen goes away.

That’s it. It’s a method to re-calibrate the Home button and it should now work much smoother than it was a few minutes ago.

How to find if the Home button has a hardware problem?

When I was experimenting on one of the iPhone 3GS having the similar problem – I identically discovered that, removing the SIM card & then rebooting fixed the Home button problem on that iPhone.

When I re-inserted the SIM card – the Home button started acting jerky after a day or so.  This clearly shows, the phone did not have a hardware trouble on its Home button & rather all it needed was a calibration.

If your iPhone’s Home button is still not working smoothly, then it needs an immediate visit to the service center.

Watch the video


Even after trying these fixes, If your iPhone home button not working then, let us know through the comments below.


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