Secrets To Making Your Old Mac Feel Like New

Just like humans, computers to start showing the signs of aging over time. The indications that you are using an outdated Mac are quite clear. It can take ages to boot, struggles to support the modern resource-intensive software, and isn’t compatible with the latest version of macOS. However, buying a new system may not be on the cards shortly. You would want to find ways to make your old Mac feel like new, which is very doable with this brand. Mac justifies its value for some good reasons and sustainability is one of them. Here are some easy secrets to giving your old Mac a new lease of life.

Replace the hard drive with an SSD

Switching from the old mechanical hard drive to a solid-state drive (SSD) is the best upgrade measure for any Mac user. While SSDs do not have internal moving parts like older hard disk drives, they offer an extensive performance boost to your system. You will see the difference, whether you are booting your Mac, moving files, or opening apps. The best thing is that the procedure is relatively simple.

Increase the RAM for your system

Another good move to transition from old to new is by increasing the system’s RAM. Having more RAM enables you to run more programs simultaneously without experiencing a slowdown. If you use heavy apps or work with multiple browsers tabs open at a time, there couldn’t be a better way than this to ramp up your old Mac. Check how much RAM the system currently has and opt for an upgrade accordingly.

Clean the system inside out

Nothing is more important than cleaning the system inside out if you want to make it as good as new. Start by cleaning up the junk and removing all the unwanted files and apps from the system. You can use CleanMyMac to do it quickly and effortlessly and experience an instant pick-me-up for the device. Further, you can personalize the desktop to give the system a completely new look and feel. Don’t forget to clean the device physically as well.

Use lighter apps 

Apart from eliminating the redundant files and apps, it is also a good idea to move to the lighter ones. Skip the resource-intensive apps because they can cause excessive load on your old Mac and compromise with its speed and performance. There are plenty of lighter variants you can find in the App Store, so you will be able to do the same tasks effectively without causing load on the old system.

Reinstall macOS

While Mac users do not reinstall their OS as frequently as Windows users do, this is a good move if your old Mac is troubling you. A fresh install of macOS gives the machine a new start. Also, you need not worry about losing personal data when you reinstall macOS. You simply have to back up with Time Machine and you can go ahead without worrying about data recovery.

Ramping up your Mac is amazingly easy, so you need not worry about immediately replacing the machine if it gets outdated. A few small steps are needed and you can continue using it for years!


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