Top 5 Skype Call Recorder Utilities for Windows and Mac

Recording Skype calls may be an absolute necessity due to a huge growth in online activities, distant relationships due to work or in work-from-home opportunities through freelance job portals. And many a times due to lack of records about one-to-one audio or visual communication, chances are high about not receiving or delivering the project as desired.

It’s important from a freelancer’s or from the business owner’s perspective to have all these communications on record when they’re not on emails or in Skype Chat messages.

Of course, the need to have Skype conversations recorded may vary for each person. For me, it’s all about work. 🙂

Below are the top 5 free and paid Skype call recording software utilities for both Windows and Mac. You can also see Skype call recorder app for iPhone available for jailbroken phones.

MP3 Skype Recorder

MP3 Skype Recorder is freeware available for windows. It’s just like Pamela software and permits you to record calls you dial or accept over Skype.  MP3 Skype Recorder features include:

  1. It’s completely free with no limitations
  2. Automatic or manual recording capabilities
  3. Compressed format to keep recorded files (.mp3 files)
  4. Can split the calls into totally different tracks
  5. Easy integration with Skype Conference recording.
  6. Intuitive, straightforward, easy-to-use interface.

It is created for Windows with freedom to start recording manually or via pre-set settings. It works as background application to records calls automatically.

MP3 Skype Recorder


Pamela for Windows (weird name though) is free but quite efficient to record calls you make or receive with Skype. It works on all Windows platforms and as mentioned on their website, it’s certified by Skype. In addition to the features like Audio as well as Video recording – it offers Call Transfer facility on Skype. Pamela is designed in a way to offer completely automatic call recording function.

  1. Skype call audio Recording
  2. Skype Chat Recording
  3. Skype call Transfer
  4. Record calls mechanically
  5. Mono / Stereo recording mode
  6. Skype call manager
  7. Create cool mood messages
  8. Answering Machine
  9. Play sounds throughout call
  10. Can be used for Blogging as well as for Podcasting

The main concern with Pamela is that recording time is restricted to 15 minutes. To get unlimited recording on Pamela – they’re offering a premium version, which is available at $25. After download and install, finish some basic setup, restart Skype and it starts recording.

Pamela for Windows

Still not satisfied? Here is another utility that works well as a Skype call recorder.


IMcapture Skype call recorder is available for Mac and Windows, both. It records audio calls in MP4-AAC format. It’s a very good choice for private use with following features:

  1. Share recorded calls
  2. Play recorded calls within the software
  3. Create a CD from recorded and saved call(s)
  4. New Skype 5.0 support
  5. Record Audio or Video
  6. Start and stop recording
  7. Time lapsed indicator
  8. Output folder location
  9. MP3, WMA or AAC audio file formats
  10. QuickTime Movies or FLV file format for video calls

IMcapture’s is priced at $49.95 and tutorials are available to see before you buy it.

IMcapture Skype call recorder

Ecamm Call Recorder

Ecamm is a Mac only call recorder application. It seamlessly provides recording controls in Skype, comes with associated automatic recording feature like MP3 Skype Recorder. After every recording, the files are saved with the caller’s name and date. It has following features:

  1. Record video calls with Picture-in-Picture mode or with split screen mode
  2. Share recordings in MP3 format
  3. Designed for desktop
  4. Advanced Compression to save disk space
  5. Annotate calls in real-time with markers
  6. Good for podcasts and Facetime
  7. Can also record SkypeOut calls

Ecamm Call Recorder

WireTap Studio

WireTap Studio from Ambrosia Software, Inc. is designed for Mac OS to record, edit, and export all audio on your system from a selected app (like Skype, iTunes or iChat). Anything that you can hear on that system can be recorded using WireTrap software, plus you can add various sound effects or edit recorded sound files like a professional.

WireTap Studio

You also might like to see Skype call recorder for iPhone which is priced at about $6 and might come handy if you prefer Skype calls over phone instead of a computer.

I guess all these utilities will suffice your needs to record Skype calls. If you think we have missed any better alternatives then please do let us know in comments or contact us.


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